NRL coverage


Alister Nicholson is one of a few to do both AFL and rugby league at the ABC, no?


Corbin Middlemas and Quentin Hull also call both AFL and rugby league for the ABC.


NRL Nation’s coverage for Round 3 is now up:

Here is a great opportunity to broadcast the Storm-Cowboys clash on Classic Rock in Melbourne this Thursday.


Did we ever find out who was the commentator that was demoted?


According to SEN’s schedule, they are covering the first half of Day 1 of cricket from South Africa on Classic Rock and the 2nd half after AFL finishes on SEN - so they won’t have the capacity even if they wanted to.


Don’t think anyone was mentioned but Ginnane is doing 2 games a weekend rather than 3 as he did last year. If doing one less game is a demotion it’s drawing a long bow as it could easily be easing a workload or pursuing other media interests.


I’ve noticed something about Crocmedia’s coverage- Chris Warren works for both Crocmedia and 2GB.


NRL Nation’s coverage for Round 4:

For the first time this season, Sport FM in Perth picks up NRL Nation coverage, but only for the Rabbitohs-Bulldogs game. Sport FM will continue to relay Continuous Call Team coverage at other times.

Triple M coverage for Round 4:
Thursday: Cowboys v Panthers
Friday: Rabbitohs v Bulldogs (Sydney only)
Sunday: Dragons v Knights plus Broncos v Titans for Triple M Brisbane only
Monday: Tigers v Eels (Sydney only)


NRL Nation’s coverage for Round 5:


Gary Blecher doing play by play?


Macquarie Sports Radio (which debuted today) will broadcast every Melbourne Storm match for the rest of this season, which is good news for rugby league fans here in Melbourne. MSR’s first Storm match broadcast is their game against Wests Tigers in Auckland this Saturday.
So within just one month, analogue radio coverage of Storm games suddenly increased from zero to two (ABC News Radio and MSR).


Likely the reason that Belcher is on the Storm game then for Crocmedia- its airing on Macquarie Sports Radio.


That game starts at3 AEST. It looks to be a show of sorts?


Back to normal for 2GB. Chris Warren back to calling his usual Saturday night game.


NRL Nation coverage for Round 5 revised. Note the wrong time shown for Tigers v Storm, it kicks off at 3pm AEST (5pm NZT).
No mention of Tigers v Storm on Macquarie Sports Radio in Melbourne, hopefully it’s just a typo.

Triple M coverage for Round 5
Last night: Raiders v Bulldogs
Tonight: Sharks v Roosters (Sydney only)
Saturday: Tigers v Storm (Sydney only), Knights v Broncos (Brisbane only)
Sunday: Eels v Panthers


Are those Sydney only because of AFL in Brisbane, regionals still take those Sydney ones.

KOFM with their own call of the Saturday night game but won’t take the 3pm game. (And still not the shows :rage:)

In other news Andrew Moore will be in NZ for the double header calling with Dale Budge and Tony Kemp From Radio Sport NZ


NRL Nation coverage for Round 6. Note Macquarie Sports Radio in Melbourne is mentioned for the first time.


Triple M coverage for Round 6
Tonight: Roosters v Rabbitohs
Friday: Storm v Knights
Saturday: Warriors v Broncos (Sydney only), Cowboys v Bulldogs
Sunday: Sea Eagles v Manly

Interesting that Triple M Brisbane is not broadcasting the Broncos game but the match afterwards. Is it due to the broadcast deal restrictions?


Probably due to AFL. It still gets precedence i think.


You are right. Triple M Brisbane will be covering AFL match between Richmond and Brisbane from 2pm on Saturday, which overlaps with the Broncos game.