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That just further enhances a view (rightly or wrongly) that the show has been designed to be a ‘rip-off’ of The Hot Breakfast. The composition of the team (a ‘big’ personality, ex-footballer & a comedian) is too similiar to ignore.

That’s weird as I can’t see Browny carrying half of the show.

I love the Nova 969 ads for Fitzy and Wippa that have been plastered all around Sydney. They have only three colours - red, white and black - and neither Fitzy or Wippa are smiling.

It is quite the contrast to the Kyle and Jackie O ads that are all class and sophistication or the Rove and Sam ads that are a little cheesy (all smiles).

Yesterday on the Grand Parade there were three taxis in a row with Fitzy and Wippa on the back. Talk about saturation. It was a Fitzy and Wippa flood!

I can’t tell which parts of your post are sarcastic any more. :laughing:

I did not mean it as sarcastic. FM radio shows are always advertised with the stock standard smiling faces and the unnatural poses (such as the Merrick, Jules, Sophie and Mel B / Dan and Maz / Rove and Sam ads).

The new Nova ads are different. I like them.


Because I don’t think I’ve ever seen “Kyle and Jackie O” in the same sentence as “class and sophistication” unless someone is taking the piss. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Because I don’t think I’ve ever seen “Kyle and Jackie O” in the same sentence as “class and sophistication” unless someone is taking the piss. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m guessing the phrases “polished” and “airbrushed” fit here better.

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Nova. Looks different.

Why won’t Nova use their Nova Boy logo any longer in outdoor ads?

I’m driving a bus today with a Nova ad and it features Nova boy

Has anyone noticed that Nova 100 (Melbourne) just use the newsreaders for the traffic reports?

Been that way during breakfast for a number of years & drive for a couple of years.

Obviously an arrangement thay have with ATN, they provide the radio station with eMails every 20min perhaps?

It is strange.
Not sure if it’s the same in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth?

It’s the same in Sydney. My theory is that they found it not particularly worth going with a generally inaccurate ATN report that usually sounds shit (and adds an extra awful sounding credit line to boot) as well. You can get the same information off Google Maps, and the state Traffic incident websites.

I don’t know how much they pay to get their reports on-air, but it appears Nova feel like it isn’t worth the disruption to their programming sound (and personally I agree with them).

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Nova Entertainment has extended its strategic partnership with the Melbourne Racing Club (MRC) to highlight two experiential platforms – a new taste and sensory experience, Gourmet Cinema, and the return of the popular Peninsula Picnic.

Gourmet Cinema, Melbourne’s newest outdoor cinema experience, brings together two of Melbourne’s passions, food and film. Held over five consecutive evenings from today (Wednesday 2 March) at Caulfield Racecourse, each session is presented by one of five iconic Melbourne restaurants, who will curate a cinematic food journey inspired by a film favourite.

Listeners will be able to win a special smoothfm VIP experience on opening night tonight, with a personal concierge and full catering for the ultimate indulgence.

For the second consecutive year, smoothfm has partnered with the MRC for the Peninsula Picnic at Mornington Racecourse on Sunday 20 March. smoothfm will create a unique relaxation precinct for guests attending the Mornington Peninsula’s most extensive food, wine and music gathering and will host its own client entertainment experience on site.

The Peninsula Picnic returns with a bigger lineup and larger site, more gourmet restaurants, decadent wineries and fresh local produce and will feature performances by Missy Higgins, Kim Churchill, Darren Middleton (Powderfinger), Timberwolf and more.

Louise Higgins, Nova Entertainment COO, said, “We are delighted to continue our ongoing strategic partnership with the MRC. Following our successful association last year with MRC’s Caulfield Cup Carnival and the Peninsula Picnic, two amazing events that had great appeal to our Nova and smoothfm listeners and agencies, we are delighted to continue to explore the possibilities between the brands in this lifestyle and entertainment arena. The Gourmet Cinema, a multisensory experience, is another perfect fit for our brand and combines two passions that are important to Melbournians.”

Nova 969 are trying to change their format again and fucking it up royaly. All of a sudden, they’re filling the schedule with old tracks from 10/15/20 years ago and chucking around the term “throwback” every ten minutes. WTF?

They had a whole day “Throwback Thursday” with old music all day long. They have “throwback” tracks all throughout the day. Every morning at 6am, they’re playing 45 minutes of “throwback” music in a row. This is overkill and wrecking the station. People don’t like massive changes and this is going to hurt them. I’m used to my morning being organised by what I hear on the radio and this has thrown a spanner in the works.

They had 6am news, followed by banter with Fitzy & Wippa, a new track, more banter about what’s in the news that day and another new track. Perfect.

Now it’s intro, crusty old music, talk about the old track and play another old track followed by a load of adverts. Yuck! Great way for listeners to switch off.

Look, I think they need to attract more listeners if they are ever going to get to the top of the ratings charts but this is not the way. They might appeal to older listeners with older music but they will lose more of the younger demographics to Triple J by doing this. Breakfast should have NEW music when the whole family listens. Keep the throwback tracks to the middle of the day when the kids are at school/uni/college.

Because it works so well for 2DayFM.

Exactly right. They don’t get it.

They should be playing more different and alternative music not more old music. The thing that strikes me about the “throwback” tracks is that the music they played in those days (and again now) was more indie, alternative and outside the top 40.

They’re now trying to mix the “sounds different” tracks from the past with the highly repetitive top 40 tracks from today and it’s just is not working.

It is happening network wide. I am holidaying on the Gold Coast and have been listening to Nova 106.9, they have been doing throwback Thursday now for a couple of weeks. They had quite a few throwbacks this morning around 8:30 on their breakfast show.

Nova should stick to throwbacks at 9am each weekday for 40mins (10 songs) then have one throwback track each hour up to 3pm mixed in with top 40. A whole day dedicated to it is overkill.

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By the way B105 is starting to challenge Nova in the Brisbane market with Nova only strong at Breakfast drive and nights. Maybe Brisbane wants more mainstream music now?

You’re absolutely right. They’ll send more listeners to Triple J, if they keep it up.

May not work for 2Day, but it is for Fox and B105. The music isn’t the problem on 2Day…