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At least with smooth, if they have a COVID case if will not affect their weekend of pre-recorded shows.


I was thinking wouldn’t Mel Tracina have been affected? She presents the 1pm-3pm slot on weekdays on Nova, and also went to the taping of the season finale of The Cheap Seats at 10’s South Yarra studios yesterday afternoon.

Who replaced the Nova and Smooth FM Breakfast teams today?

I think Nova aired another compilation show of Chrissie, Sam and Browny this morning.

Karen Prater was on Smooth in Melbs

Chrissie Swan has tested positive to COVID.

She said in an Instagram post that she’ll be back on air soon, but from home obviously.


It’s a shame she was seen so publicly flouting mask rules at Bert’s funeral. No doubt being vaccinated she let her guard down. Hopefully she makes a speedy recovery.


That’s filmed in Melbourne? The Kiwi sounding host and poor production values had me thinking it was a Kiwi import.

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Production staff do it, as we see with the scripting and recording of Smooth breaks.

(Sorry but I’ve gotta say this)

At least smooth weekends haven’t been affected. They’ve got months of content ready to roll.


Nova doing something in the Perth CBD tonight!


Their activations are so boring without the giant inflatable Novaboy.


That’s a shame. They should have used the slot for new talent.


I always laugh at the name ‘Summer Breakfast’ used in radio when it actually equals 2 Weeks leading up to the week before Christmas and gig over.


Perfect example this week. They started playing “Meet Me At Our Spot” for the first time this week after it has been on the chart for 11 weeks and hit a peak of No.8 a couple of weeks ago. Suddenly they are raving about how it’s one of the biggest tracks on Tik Tok as if that’s the only justification for playing new music. :roll_eyes:

Since they started playing it on the weekend, it’s on about twenty times a day. :roll_eyes:


She said on Nova breakfast today that she would be back in the studio tomorrow (Friday) for the final show of Chrissie, Sam and Browny for 2021.


BBC R1 have stopped playing that song now, they had it on high rotation about 2 months ago.
If you want to get your song played on Nova, be a TikTok sensation.


Or be heard on Heart.


Very true

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Some other Nova Network Summer programming updates, according to the Telum Media guide :

  • Bronte Langbroek and Mitch Lewis will present a Breakfast program for Nova 106.9 and Nova 91.9 (only, apparently) between December 20th and December 24th.

  • Music programming will air during Breakfast from December 27th to January 14th.

  • Kate, Tim and Joel continue until December 10th.

  • December 13th and December 17th will be the “Best Of Kate, Tim and Joel” running from 4pm to 6pm.

  • Drive during December 20th to January 14th will be music programming featuring ‘regular announcers’.

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