Nine (WIN)

Yeah I think they should drop it

Yep that’s why, they just take whatever Melbourne does.

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Maybe once EVERY channel is in HD, yes, but whilst there are still SD channels around eg. 7two or 9Life, I’d still like to see HD in the LCN names where applicable.


I suspect it probably felt just as odd that (non-finals) NRL was on in Melbourne too though! Although depending on the game and with a strong enough Storm contingent, they probably don’t mind for the last few weeks where Sat footy exists on Nine… it’s not like they’d gain too much ratings wise on a Sat night by counter-programming the southern footy.

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I’m personally a fan of HD in the channel names and logos. Might as well show off how many you have, right? Perhaps Seven’s plan is to keep HD in the name just for a while so viewers, particularly sports viewers, know for sure it’s the HD version that’s left?

Hopefully the networks will unanimously rename and renumber all their channels once the “Tasmania Experiment” goes national.


Yes and I like that reassurance that I’m watching HD.


Also helps to promote HD to the masses. I’m at the point now when I’m flicking channels that I only flick between the HD channels.

HD and even 4K content is everywhere now so I’ve got no time for the SD channels now.


A Nine News Melbourne promo with the 89.9 Light FM simulcast message just appeared on the 9WIN main channel in West VIC.

Lol. Do these usually appear? Would have thought they’d just use a more generic promo.