Nine (WIN)

Why can’t they just put the trigger in the playout “playlist” to play exactly in the gap between show and ads? This is how it works in radio which is essentially the same thing.

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unless his daughter takes over when he goes win may live on longer she works at win

Maybe the playout server can’t do it and they have to insert it further down the line.

Is because WIN takes most of the Nine promos from the dirty feeds they are supplied. Therefore WIN break timing has take into account the start of break trigger plus the duration of the Nine promo WIN is also airing from the incoming dirty feed. Meaning MHA needs to watch those painfully slow to update NPC stacks like hawks.


I’ve seen WIN randomly cut off Nine promos too early, which is something affiliates need to be careful about.

That’s what happens when they change a 10” to a 20”


The daughter may have more sense and not be beholden to an industry nostalgia that longer exists unlike her father is and cut her losses and sell while she still can if there is anything to sell by that stage? As there is no way Bruce will be able to take over NEC to take over NINE, that window is long shut. The only left over markets when (and if) NINE takes over WIN is Imparja and Southern Cross 9 Port Pirie/Broken Hill, as WIN has the rest that NINE don’t already own. It makes perfect sense for NINE to eventually takeover WIN as they will control a signal that goes to more places than what SEVEN has now, even after their recent PRIME purchase.

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I thought Andrew had been taking the reigns for years now? At least since Sky News on WIN was conceived?

he has last i read

Which WIN Nine channels are typically local feeds and/or state feeds?

My family in Wide Bay, Qld, reporting constant issues with WIN over the past 24 hours. Transmission interrupted or jumpy, black screens, and repeating of the last 3-4 seconds just shown.

I’ve seen this happening in Canberra before too, back during the 10 affiliation.
I’m sure I would have posted about it on here before.

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