Nine (WIN)

You heard it here first, folks


they could do like SC10 did for a while ten style SCN logo

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and the Classification would be switched around as well

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I just seen a promo on WIN Tasmania about the impending change. Words to the effect of “all your favourite shows will have a new home on the WIN network, starting July 1”[/quote]Yep. That the closest thing to a confirmation without it being ‘officially’ stated by WIN you will get in regards to what’s happening in Tasmania (I’m pretty certain what’s happening though). Just have to wait till the end of the month for that ‘switch’ to be flicked now! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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indicates that WIN WA will be changing over to a Ten affiliation. Still no news or confirmation on Tasmania but if WA is an example it would appear that potentially TVT (WIN Tasmania) will also go to Ten. But, again, still waiting on WIN to say something…[/quote]If past history is any guide, I don’t expect WIN to say anything in regards to Tasmania. Or if by any chance they do it probably won’t be till the week/day before or on the day of the affiliation swap (which will cause lots of confusion no doubt!). But with confirmation of the happenings in WA, I expect them to fall into line with other WIN regions as I was told.


Another possible reason is that when Nine reinstated dotty, the dotless WIN logo with a blue background made for a easy coverup.

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So, cover-up city once again?

If WIN is going to take the path they did with Nine and avoid ever saying the words “Channel Ten” / “Network Ten” or seeing the logo - I hope they WORK with Ten to make sure they get feeds with no Ten logos etc, rather than cover them up.

I mean, I find it weird to think they won’t try and use the Ten brand to their advantage somehow - even in WIN areas - the Ten brand is well known. It seems odd to sign a new affiliate deal and hide all references to the parent network.



When did this happen??!


@MarkHD it’s time to grab our pitchforks.

@nationalnews I’m confused by this statement. Why would ten be promoting win. Wouldn’t it be the other way around?

WIN obviously believe there is value in their own brand/name.

I agree there is huge value in their brand. But there is also huge value in the Ten brand.


And more importantly, what does it mean for Ayr, near Townsville?


I have had it confirmed twice by WIN, as stated before that WIN Tas will be carrying Ten programming.


Don’t forget about Beryl!


agree and hopefully Ten are more receptive in working with WIN than Nine were, especially if it means growing their share in regional areas.


SCA haven’t done a new affiliation with WIN?
SCA has affiliated with Nine and WIN has affiliated with Ten.

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But wouldn’t you have seen these on WIN? (ie promoting their new Ten program line-up).

Was that SC10 in regional Queensland though?

What you saw was on WIN - you must have seen while channel surfing :slight_smile:. WIN started promoted their upcoming schedule of TEN programs last night. (Nine doesn’t control them - they can broadcast whatever promos they like). If you think about it, SC10 are not going to be promoting what is coming up in July on WIN - they should start promoting Nine programs (if they ever get around to it).

Video from last night as seen on WIN - there is also one posted above showing sport like Big Bash.

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