Nine Tennis Coverage


I am thinking that answer is yes. They whole coverage so far has been spend the least amount of money. And if that means someone else is doing graphics just piggyback off them and not spend money on production yourself.


Sigh. Honestly, the old broadcast deals (tennis and cricket) was so much better for the audience.


Exactly. Seven wasn’t the best but they at least put in effort in their tennis broadcast, which is to be commended even if the whole thing doesn’t look as great as it could.

Nine’s coverage looks cheap from the outer. If this cheap arse coverage is the direction they’re heading for tennis then it’s going to be six years of hell for the Summer sports.


Fuck, let’s just wait until the AO coverage actually starts eh?


Not sure about this hate for the graphics.
I don’t mind them?


Not long to go now…


Exactly, McEnroe and Courier haven’t even made an appearance yet, Nine keeping anticipation for the main event come Monday.

Hopefully we’re all pleasantly surprised :slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s be honest, most wouldn’t have even seen Nine’s coverage of tennis yet, as it’s been on the main channel in prime time no more than twice and that in itself shows how much effort Nine are putting into the lead-ups (and I mean that’s a good thing)


Each to their own, but it feels too glossy which is ugly for this day and age.

Hopefully Nine can come up with something exciting compared to the OK-ish graphics that Seven used to do. Knowing the quality of Nine produced graphics here’s hoping for something great.


I like the graphics. Why splash out coin making your own when the coverage can come with perfectly acceptable graphics? I don’t know whether there’s an additional cost to 9 to use these ones btw.
Can’t stand McEnroe, one of the laziest commentators around. If 9 are smart they’ll only have him commentating the top 20 or So, that’s where his knowledge base ends.


I like the AO world feed graphics as well.

It’s worth noting that Seven used the world feed graphics for the lead up tournaments in their last couple of years, before changing to their hideously outdated graphics for the Australian Open. I do expect the world feed graphics to be used, which I would be fine with.


Nine doesnt have a set for all their sports though. the NRL, Netball and Cricket were all different graphics sets so they cant just copy off their other sports.


More caps of the draw program:


While TA’s broadcast team do a fine job as technically host broadcaster producing world feeds of the events, Nine are the Australian broadcaster and pretty much whatever they want/say ‘goes’ (as seen with Seven in recent years since 2014 with that deal and now with Nine - James Bracey hosting draw tonight for example and Nine using Fitzy/Rasheed/Donegan/Wilkinson even though they’re probably on TA’s broadcast books now and not Nine.

However there’s no reason Nine can’t make their own production (graphics and all) just taking the vision and some commentators from TA, like Seven’s recent Aus Opens, which I suspect Nine will still do. But we’ll just have to wait and see. I mean they wouldn’t want to look cheap, they’re paying a lot of money and want to have as much ‘Nine’ look and control as possible you’d think?


If Nine was hoping for local interest to boost their ratings via local interest they’d be aghast that Kyrgios drew Raonic and Tomic drew Cilic (2 almost certain 1st round losses there). Add to that Nadal is always a question mark on the hardcourts having withdrawn from 17 of his last 18 hardcourt tournaments he has entered (and he meets Aussie James Duckworth in R1), and it’s almost a case of Roger or bust on the men’s side. And even then Denis Istomin isn’t an easy R1 opponent even if Roger should win.

They’d hope that there aren’t many upsets on the women’s side, which looks a little kinder to the local and big name players (although Serena potentially faces a tricky second rounder against Peng or Bouchard, knowing she often has a lapse in the early rounds of slams).


9Now is streaming the Australian Open qualifying rounds today.


The qualifying live on 9Now. No watermark is on the screen.


Does seem odd. Everything else I’ve seen on 9Now has a Nine watermark of some sort.


Heard of a guy called Novak Djokovic?


He’s not exactly that popular with fans. Nice enough not to be in the flog class, but how he goes about things doesn’t resonate with fans. Plus we don’t know how his form is given he lucked into being number 1 with Roger playing a limited schedule, Rafa basically shot anywhere other than clay courts and the others well behind.


Is Bracey hosting the Syd Int from Melbourne?