Nine Tennis Coverage


Tim Gilbert couldn’t be much more inept at this hosting business if he tried. Gives the impression he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing.


Rennae Stubbs in the stands coaching Pliskova, safe to assume then she won’t be doing much commentary, if any.


MUCH better than GTV’s embarrassing effort.


Nine streaming additonal courts on Brisbane for free. 1st stream a simulcast of 9Go’s coverage.


Watermark-free streaming via 9Now. 7 used to have a 7Tennis bug on the top right corner


What’s with all the foreign talent?

I get Jim Courier (and until 2010 Tracy Austin) done it for years, but Sam Smith, Kim Clijsters, etc etc. Seriously?

To think legends like Garry Wilkinson, Fred Stolle and Geoff Masters are still going! (World feed i believe)

JA was great, no longer politician in Sydney, Nine should have tried to get him back.

Remember when (i think it was 2009-ish) they took Bruce McAvaney off calling, installing him as a host and it was a fail. He didn’t want to do it and everyone wanted him calling again with Jim (JA finished up around then too), so Bruce was put back as a caller by 2011?

Some decisions, really :frowning:


On my Android phone I just selected Live TV from the menu and all the streams are in the list after Your Money.

I’ll see what is on Fetch when I get a chance.


That’s much better! (If a little messier though).

But In my first cap (IOS/Apple), that ‘banner’ should link to the pages (Aus Open/Bris/Hopman) which have all the courts IMO, rather than just the one broadcast stream (Ch 9 / 9Go), which are already underneath to click on anyway…


Nine’s commentators failed to pronounce Pliskova’s name right in the Brisbane International. Similar to Lucy Zelic at the World Cup in June.

News Corp will have a go at Nine’s commentators during the Australian Open if this continues.


So the 9 comms are pronouncing names right or wrong? Because you said wrong then mentioned Lucy Zelic, who was doing it right.


Hopman Cup



Starts 5.30pm local time in Perth (8.30pm AEDT)

Match 1: Men’s Singles
Match 2: Women’s Singles
Match 3: Mixed Doubles

No day session


Main channel? Nine taking a punt, if a great match with these two mega stars could pay off, especially in markets where their local teams aren’t in the BBL. But regardless fantastic for tennis fans :clap:


How’s the coverage so far? Keen to hear what tennis fans and other members think of Nine’s coverage.


There’s my thoughts.
Actual commentary has been serviceable, no complaints there.


‘Run of the mill’ so far, very early days though. Want to see a LOT more in the future though.

Vibe I get is, don’t care a whole lot about the lead-up tournaments (apart from it providing further promotion for channel surfers) and it’s all about the Aus Open.


Kind of the vibe i am getting too. Example of this is Nine going to repeats of Friends while an Aussie was playing on Court 1. Or not going to Birell’s match when she had set point during early stages of a 3rd set of a match on centre.

At least they have everything on 9Now, i imagine a lot of my viewing will be on that this year


It’s once-in-a-lifetime encounter between two of the biggest tennis stars in the world at the moment, no wonder Nine puts it on the main channel.


JA is still in parliament…

Mind you politicians have continued to hold sports commentary/ media roles whilst in office in the past.

Stolle’s I’m his 80s, I thought he retired last summer. Didn’t masters do Nine’s first tennis broadcast the, Davis Cup, think he’s listed above as an AO commentator with them.

Don’t mind Smith as a commentator, did a lot of radio work when ABC were heavily invested.

Don’t forget there’s still two ATP events in Doha and Pune and WTA events in Auckland and China so some regular voices may be doing those before coming for the AO.


The coverage has gone well past midnight in eastern states and looks as though Erin Molan gets tired. Tomorrow night, I think James Bracey will present from Sydney studios before taking the coverage into Brisbane.


Sam Stosur’s match against Bouzkova started in 2018 and finishes in 2019