Nine Tennis Coverage


Why is there no coverage of the Brisbane International’s first day today?


I think it’s due to small number of matches today. According to the tournament’s website, only seven singles matches have been scheduled for today.


No Sunday session this year. Starts Monday.


Not according to the website and Twitter page. December 30 is the first day.


Kids tennis day according to their website.

Edit: Weird, another page has matches scheduled.


There are no main draw matches being played today. Today is the final day of qualifiers.


There are matches but they are the last round of qualifiers. No main draw matches are being played today.


Channel change graphic:


Nine’s promos in recent weeks have been good, different ones and they’re also promoting the Hopman and Brisbane (though not nearly enough). However the ‘teaser’ ones Nine made a few months back I thought were weak.

Would love to see a promo like this one which I liked, with a catchy tune and using network personalities (for 2013-2014 summer):


TV Tonight and Mediaweek has the Saturday night ratings, which are very low.


Hopefully now people won’t keep asking why Nine didn’t put it on the main channel, as I saw on social media last night.


I prefer sport in HD. That’s why I’d rather it was either on the main channel or the others took SBS’s lead and made a multi HD also (yes I’m aware there’s other issues at play).


On Air makes a valid argument, if a tournament presents as second tier and ‘lesser’, viewers will respond as such, even in its local market. While there’ll be good matches and Aussies, no comparison whatsoever to the Aussie Open.


Hence my argument of making a multi HD.


Has Rennae Stubbs gone to Nine? Quite liked her comments, read the game well.

She wasn’t part of Seven’s coverage forever (think she only joined around 2011, was still playing until close to then too).


A couple of screenshots from the 720p stream on 9Now.


Brisbane was hosted from Brisbane unless Johanna Griggs and Todd Woodbridge were mirages when I saw them in the flesh each year.


I’m in Perth and it makes no difference to me that they are not using the Perth studios. All I care is about the matches not where they are presenting their segments from.


Today Show set for Brisbane International hosting:


Was half expecting a “welcome to Nine, Sam”, though she’s always come across as a person who doesn’t really know or care which international broadcaster she’s working for, probably thinks it’s still the same LOL with the amount of talent that’s jumped ship.