Nine Tennis Coverage


I agree that Nine should be presenting their Hopman Cup coverage from the venue or at least their Perth studios. This major event should be used as a rare opportunity to attract Perth/WA viewers to Nine, knowing how poorly they usually rate over in the West due to Seven’s stranglehold on the city/state.

But you can be sure that the decision to present the coverage from their Melbourne studios has something to do with this: :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


So you’re saying people who live in Perth are more likely to watch Nine’s coverage if Clint is in a studio in Perth? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Most people wouldn’t even realise he’s in Melbourne.

You guys are just so critical of absolutely anything. It’s amazing how judgmental we all are. :joy:

On another note, I wonder why they’re choosing to move coverage over to 9Gem at 5pm as opposed to the usual 6pm?


I think he is trying to make the point of it being on the cheap or even second rate.


Cheap graphics from the World Feed presented in a studio in Melbourne


The Hopman Cup is a second rate tournament and it’s good to see a network finally treating it as such.


The graphics actually look quite good, wouldn’t call them cheap.
Seven used world feed graphics for this tournament last year as well.

Noticed that they spelt ‘highlights’ as ‘hightlights’ on a graphic before.


Personally I have no interest in the tennis but am curious why this is being bumped to 9Gem for the evening session. Do they really think umpteenth repeats of Top Gun and Beverly Hills Cop on Nine is going to be a big drawcard?!?


In Ch 7 last broadcasting agreement over the last 4 years Hopman Cup live from venue. Brisbane and Sydney International and Kooyong Tournament broadcast from Ch 7 Melbourne’s studios.


I’m sure you’re half-joking and I’m sure Nine are not treating it as such, but they do know it doesn’t rate well and is just a lead-up/promotional/‘reach’ telecast.

Ask 10 who have absolutely ZERO.


Nine using its Wide World of Sports Twitter account for Hopman Cup video clips, instead of setting up a separate account similar to the network’s netball and NBL coverage.


Piss poor by 9 not to use a couple Perth locals to host event
And to have host broadcasting from the east coast is absolutely bullshit


Was it last summer Seven went all out and stripped it across Ch 7? Step backwards by Nine, though ratings are important.


It’s an exhibition tournament with little prestige.


But the sparkly balls! Don’t forget the sparkly balls!


Sure. But on a night as weak as tonight, as you suggesting there won’t be people watching, especially with good Australians in action. As well as rusted on old women who loathe cricket but are fixated on tennis each year LOL


I wonder does STW need its Perth news set all day? Otherwise Clint Stanaway can host the coverage from the sidelines.


Mark Gibson hosted coverage from Perth last year


Hopman Cup Schedule - Sunday 30 December

13:00-17:00 Nine 12:00-17:00 Nine 12:30-17:00 Nine 10:00-16:00 Nine
17:00-19:00 9Gem 17:00-18:00 9Gem 17:00-18:30 9Gem 17:30-19:00 9Gem
20:30- 01:30 9Gem 19:30-00:30 9Gem 20:00-01:00 9Gem 19:00-22:30 Nine

Starts 10.00am local time in Perth (1.00pm AEDT)

Match 1: Women’s Singles
Match 2: Men’s Singles
Match 3: Mixed Doubles

Starts 5.30pm local time in Perth (8.30pm AEDT)

Match 1: Men’s Singles
Match 2: Women’s Singles
Match 3: Mixed Doubles


Anyone else notice a problem with the score graphic on the 9tennis? Very poor quality control if you ask me. Can’t be that hard to put in the correct score!


It really annoys me that Nine does not use a universal set for all their sport like Fox, Seven, Ten and the ABC does.