Nine Tennis Coverage


will be interesting to see what graphics Nine use for the leas up tournaments. Seven used to use the world feed, Tennis Australia graphics and then their own for the Australian Open. I wonder if Nine will follow suit or start with their own look from the first tournament.


So they can’t even send anyone to Perth? That’s piss poor form. From the studio in Melbs.

You would think that Launching the tennis on Nine, it would be hosted from Perth. :man_facepalming:


Does it really make a difference? Either way they’re in a studio.




Not used to this at all but it will take time to adjust.


It looks as though Clint Stanaway is in Melb to produce the HOpman Cup. But what about Bec Maddern? Will she do the coverage from Melb or in Perth?


The shitty Sunday footy show set? At least use a tight shot of the news set with an animated background, etc.

They could’ve even used the STW news set (it’s about two streets away from Perth Arena).


Used a megawall on the screen. Never seen that before on Nine’s tennis.


“After the Tennis”:


Nine are using Tennis Australia graphics for their presentation unlike 7


Yep. Any sporting event in this country should not be hosted out of another city. There is talent everywhere, it’s really not a good look.


Please tell me they’re not actually using that old line anywhere!

Networks seem to have adopted the “dates” instead for Q1 promotion now


For example, if you search “Sydney International” on Google Images, Johanna Griggs appears in a couple from 2011, where she was definitely on location.

So Seven used to send even the hosts across the country.

Although Nine’s Wide World of Sports is different, they’ve always utilised those studios for hosts. Just a different approach. Economical? Easier?


No, they didn’t. I was making a joke …


Sorry! :joy: You had quotation marks, so a poor presumption on my part.


How do you capture images


All previous Hoan cup coverage: abc, ten and seven have all been hosted from the venue. God knows wtf nine are doing.


Again, what difference does it make?


Authenticity and quality of coverage. It’s just tacky.


Rubbish. Makes no difference at all. We are watching for the sport, not to see the host for a total of maybe 5 minutes throughout the whole coverage.