Nine Sports Broadcasting


Clint Stanaway? Erin Molan?


Plenty of in house talent around.

They could always wheel out Jim Courier. I pray they don’t.


I’d expect the like of Tim Gilbert, Cameron Williams and Clint Stanaway to be at the helm of the broadcasts.


Am I the only one who likes Jim Courier on the tennis?


Add James Bracey to the list.

Cameron Williams will probably be prime time host. The more seasoned and polished presenters will get the gig for Aus Open. Unkowns won’t get a run.



Eddie McGuire would have to be in the mix as main host/anchor?


He’s currently only contractually allowed to present sport for Foxtel


Tony Jones, Rebecca Maddern will probably be involved with the coverage.


I could see Eddie getting involved somehow if 9 share the rights to Foxtel in some way.


Well this is a surprise never thought 7 would lose tennis. I have been thinking that Cricket Australia wanted too much money for there next deal I guess 9 thought so as well.

I wonder what 7’s bid for Tennis was?


Not enough?


I can’t see Nine retaining ODI cricket then, given that usually overlaps with the Aus Open.
Tests and Big Bash are a possibility for them.

And neither the cricket or tennis will accept being relegated to 9GEM or 9GO.


Cricket Australia is reportedly planning to revamp its schedule for next summer, with ODIs held in late October and November each year followed by tests and Twenty20 internationals, so it is still possible for Nine to show ODIs.


There is nearly always some international cricket overlapping with the tennis, so whatever that is.

Though with the ball tampering scandal, it won’t be as attractive to any network right now.


Heard an interview Tom Malone did on ABC Radio Melbourne this afternoon - the main takeaway from it was Nine will be looking to on-sell some of the rights to Foxtel or the likes of Telstra/Optus


I wonder how much Seven must be wondering why they spent so much on AFL and Olympics. Hmmm.


They definitely overpaid to get AFL at all costs. Especially for no exclusivity and less games than previously.


Nine and ABC each had a full report on the new tennis rights tonight in Melbourne.

Optus currently sponsors Tennis Australia, the Australian Open and the Australian Davis Cup team. It will not want to see the rights going to Telstra.


Optus are the main telco providers of Cricket Australia