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I’m just posting here what SCA is producing, with the rate that things are changing I’m not surprised it might be out of date already.

Feel free to take it up with them directly if you think it’s not correct.

Yeah yeah, no issue with your posting. Just found it odd but I’ve had a look and it looks like the HD channel has changed to GEM so I reckon there must have been some technical issues or something with it.

Still got 9HD in Launceston on 50

Not sure whether or not it has ben mentioned but just before 8 this morning both 9HD and channel 9 blacked-out up here in NQ for a few seconds.

I hope everyone in Ayr, near Townsville, has sought grief counselling


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Brisbane Traffic Update just shown on SCA 9 :roll_eyes:

I am not going to complain because it is better than WIN! This morning a ‘Love this city’ promo aired for the Gold Coast aired here and now Nine News Brisbane updates and promos are airing (usually rarely seen up here) and a Brisbane style endtag for ACA.

Interested to know, how is it better than WIN?

[quote=“TV.Cynic, post:990, topic:1198, full:true”]
Interested to know, how is it better than WIN?
[/quote] It starts with the over-branding…

you gotta be very quick around here :wink:

Many of Media Spy’s regional members have complained over the years about WIN watermarks/coverups, dubious “we cover so much of Australia” promos/branding and the like, often mixed in with comments about how they’d prefer to see the exact same branding that Nine runs in metro areas on their local affiliates.

Now that SCA Nine is running with most of it and NBN seems to be transitioning to Nine’s branding as well, people are still complaining! Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems that some regional viewers will never be pleased with regional TV branding no matter what the stations run with…


Personally I couldn’t be happier to finally have Nine here rather than WIN and all their coverups.

I just think SCA need to be a bit more careful with their promotions and adverts, as they’ll leave a bit of a sour taste in people’s mouths if they keep airing “Love This City” promos for Brisbane in Central QLD. (Why do they even have the Love This City promo for Brisbane in their promo library?!?)

Having “Brisbane’s No. 1” on ACA promos is a little annoying, but I don’t see a solution for it, and realistically it’s better to see what’s coming up tonight on ACA rather than WIN’s generic promos. So I’m not too fused there.

The only other problem so far has been Brisbane’s traffic update airing. Most likely just a teething problem.

But think of how annoyed the people of Ayr, near Townsville will be seeing all this Brisbane stuff creeping into their local channels, they’ll be riots in the streets if SCA isn’t careful.


Why are those areas in that chart without 9 HD ?

Yeah, I take your point about the metropolitan-centric promos.

For ACA promos, the solution is so simple…use the generic/national promos that Nine produces (or at least used to produce anyway) for the show just like NBN do (or did?).

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During the first few minutes of Hotseat, 9HD Wollongong had a scrolling message advising viewers to rescan if they have lost 9Gem and 9GO!.

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TDT’s website has been redirected to Southern Cross Austereo


9HD looks magnificent on channel 50.

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That was up earlier this afternoon, still the old Ten one though with nothing to do with Nine.

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