Nine Radio (Talk)

Clearly 4BC doesn’t need a disc jockey. They have enough problems trying to keep their talkback audience loyal. Brent James should be with 4BH like Tim Webster should be heard on 2UE. ACE clearly have their Budget to maintain.


He is, for Nine and importantly for.them, not a competitor.

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Given the latest results of 4BH doing better than 4BC, I’d say Nine would be happier to keep Brent at 4BC.

One of the hardest gigs in radio will be to ever get 4BC up to the same audience share as 3AW and 2GB. Because 4BC had the TAB contract for so long it was never the goto source of info for people in Brisbane.

The other Nine property with a similar issue is Nine Perth TV - a big AFL town where 7 has the rights and 7 is even nationally headquartered in Perth. In past times STW9 even dragged Nine down nationally. A hard task.

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What a waste of his talent as a long time music programmer on a talkback station.He should be on 4BH😕
He could also work as a part time announcer too if needed


how long has it been since 4BC had the races… 30 years? since 4TAB took over? Is that heritage still a factor today? I would have thought 4BC’s current challenges are more a side effect of it being stripped back to being a glorified 2GB relay until only recently?


It is about 30 years since 4BC broadcast the races

And before that it was a Top 40 Station with Geoff, Tony & Bob affiliated to 2UW Sydney. Sometimes I really wonder if Nine is really that interested in Radio, Newspapers also for that matter. Surely they don’t make money for them. 2GB was all set to move to Nine in North Sydney until they realised the horrendous costs involved.

The demographics in Brisbane skews to a younger audience who do not traditionally listen to talk back radio to my understanding. I think that has a bigger impact then it once having races which has not been on 4BC for years. But I think 4BC is on the right track adding more music to the station. But I would go one step further and replace Hadley with a local show. I think they would do it anyway once Hadley retires but I would do it earlier.

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Yes good point - the TAB era would only affect their 54+ demographic. Macquarie probably did as much damage as 20 years of TAB contract took to do.

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I wonder if when LG&M leave 4BC breakfast will they revert back to a pure News Talk station or keep the music?

They’re competing with their tenants at 4BH which isn’t really a good thing.

Former Channel Ten sports presenter/reporter Jonathan Williams filled in for Peter Psaltis presenting the 4BC Wide World of Sports show on Thursday evening. I don’t believe I’ve seen him pop-up on the station prior to this before.


Interesting if he’s now associated with Nine. Perhaps he could pop up on the Queensland bulletin? Good get if so.


Uh oh… looks like the return to break stings are gone on 3aw atleast across mornings. Have been replaced with a generic VO “you’re listening to Melbournes own 3aw…. “ followed by a sponsor message… :frowning:

Hopefully the stings aren’t fully gone!


Another potential new get for Nine Radio - based on information from the syndication website:

Afternoons with Sofie Formica

  • replacement Bianca Stone 07/04/23

Bianca being up until recently a long-time Seven News and Sunrise reporter.

Some other upcoming Easter changes across the network:

Afternoons Deborah Knight

  • replacement Joe Hildebrand 11/04/23 to 19/04/23

Afternoons with Sofie Formica

  • replacement Bill McDonald 10/04/23 to 14/04/23

Bill McDonald

  • replacement Peter Fagen 16/04/23 to 17/04/23

Drive with Tom Elliott

  • replacement Tony Jones 03/04/23 to 06/04/23
  • replacement Seb Costello 11/04/23 to 14/04/23

Neil Mitchell Show

  • replacement Tom Elliott 03/04/23 - 06/04/23
  • replacement Tony Jones 10/04/23 -14/04/23

Nights Denis Walter

  • replacement Peter Stubbs 10/04/23 -14/04/23

Nights John Stanley

  • replacement Bill Woods 03/04/23 - 06/04/23
  • replacement Bill Woods 10/04/23 - 13/04/23

Ray Hadley Morning Show

  • replacement Luke Grant 03/04/23 - 07/04/23
    (Neil Breen on QLD stations)

Interesting that Mark Levy isn’t Hadley’s replacement Luke Grant is boring to listen to in comparison to Levy.

I think Hadley’s days in Brisbane are numbered given they seem to have a local presenter while Hadley is on he’s Easter break and not taking Luke Grant. I don’t think they have done that before.

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QLD have in recent times opted for a local presenter to fill in on Mornings in Hadley’s absence. Namely Bill McDonald who has been doing the 11am - 12pm hour daylight savings stop-gap has usually been the main call-up.

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Looking forward to Grubby filling in for Dennis.

I’m glad footy season is back but I’m already missing the Weekend Break, I grew quite fond of summer afternoons in the backyard with Grubby on the radio.


Yes but historically they took the Sydney show when Hadley was away for his time off at the end of each survey ie Easter

I think the plan is to move Chris O’K into Hadley’s timeslot when he retires. And so Levy is no longer the fill in for RH.