Nine Radio (Talk)

Updates to the live camera graphics

Also! Finally they have resumed the OB studio cams which is great. Pretty good setup, even switches back to the studio when there is someone there (being news update, guest etc)
Great setup from them and good to see them being this back!


Now that they’re using the Nine colours & style, they should use Nine News (or similar) graphics for the above.


Nine launches next round of radio & audio internship program

Nine’s talk radio stations have launched their highly successful internship program for 2023, focusing on Content Producers, Social Media and Podcasting.

This will be the fourth round of the internship program since its launch in 2022. It’s designed to discover the next generation of radio professionals, provide them with invaluable hands-on experience and a comprehensive understanding of what it’s like to work within a leading radio and audio business, with support from some of the best talent in the industry.

Importantly, the six-week internships are paid, and will be offered at each station: Sydney’s 2GB, Melbourne’s 3AW, Brisbane’s 4BC and 6PR in Perth.

During the program, interns are provided with hands-on training in radio production, broadcasting, journalism and social media. Successful applicants will work alongside the Digital Audio teams, learning how to drive audiences through engaging social media content and even get exposure to the 9Podcasts team, creating entertaining content for listeners.

Tom Malone, Managing Director of Nine Radio, said: “We’ve seen applications increase by more than 50 percent since the first round in 2022 and the quality keeps getting better.”

“To date, 82 percent of our interns have gained employment with our stations after completing the course, in roles such as producer, journalist or panel operator, and I’m so excited to see a new generation of talent continue to come up through the ranks, from a range of different backgrounds.”

This is the first of three internship rounds that will run in 2023. Applications close on 28 March, with successful applicants commencing in mid-April.

To apply in your city, click on the link below:

Sydney – 2GB
Melbourne – 3AW
Brisbane – 4BC
Perth – 6PR

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Not a great survey for 2GB. Dropping to #2 for the first time since 2003.

Shocked to see nights drop by 6.9.

I’m sure the next survey will see a return to #1.

I wouldn’t even worry about ratings for 2GB.

Until there is a surveyed commercial AM competitor, they have nothing to worry about.

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Well that is true but the problem I find with Ben Fordham is that he tends to shout at his audience, not enough time calls, too many irritating commercials, too many goody good stories, too many traffic crosses and nonsensical competitions such as 2GB For Me.

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Not to mention too many recycled tactics.

It’s always the same code word comp, etc.

It’s a shame they didn’t perform better as they have had some brilliant debates and news stories broken in this recent survey.

Their promotions department need a swift kick up the a…

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Every Sydney station except KIIS106.5 needs that. They seem to be the only ones coming up with original tactics.

4BC’s figures for GfK survey 1/2023 were not good news for Nine Radio: 4BH which they sub-let to Ace Radio and moved to 1116 to give 4BC 882 in the middle of the band, pulled 8.4 for the GfK 10+ as opposed to 4BC’s 6.9, making 4BH the top rating AM station in Brisbane.

As far as I am aware the 4BH announcers are on work from home so ACE don’t even have the overheads of a studio.

Seven Brisbane made a point about 4BH being the AM number 1 on their evening news but stopped short of mentioning 4BC’s position. Even so I don’t think things would be too cheery at 4BC today.


Brent James 4BH music director; as many have mentioned seems better suited to 4BH.


I do not why Brent James went to 4bc instead of 4bh when 4kq closed down? Brent James would be better suited at ACE Radio doing the Music Directing at 4bh,2ue, 3mp and Magic 1278

Why would a News Talk station needs a Music Director in the First place ?

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Agree with the 2x posts above.

4BH has settled a little in the ratings. I honestly believe they’d do a few points better with Brent selecting the music.

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did 4BH offer him a job?

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It is the same company, so it could have been done, just that Nine prioritised 4BC evidently.

Not really. ACE Radio are leasing and operating those licences. Nine have washed their hands of anything to do with them besides the bare essentials to stay on air.

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The 4BH licence is owned by Nine but the station is managed by ACE Radio. Nine isn’t involved in the running of the station.


I realise that, but Nine could have thrown some extra funds toward ACE to get Brent James working.

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sort of defeats the purpose of outsourcing the running of the station. If Nine was interested in being that hands-on in hiring talent I don’t think they would have leased it out.


I don’t think you understand what a lease is.
ACE pay Nine to put their content on the licence. What you’re suggesting would be like your landlord paying you to live in their house.