Nine Radio (Talk)

Talking about the show content of the network is fine isn’t it? Or just rather more comments on their new logo?


While there has been some obvious political bias shown in this thread, discussing the content of shows is a radio matter.


It’s mostly all pollie bashing and very little radio discussion.


I saw a revised bus ad for Ben Fordham Live.

Interesting that the logo on this ad now has, “2GB” then beneath that, “SYDNEY”, then beneath that, “STREAMING & 873AM”.

As I mentioned when these new logos rolled out - wouldn’t it be easier to just remove “SYDNEY” and have kept “873AM”?

Mentioning the city in a logo is a complete waste IMO. I mean, when will we ever see the 2GB Sydney logo in Brisbane/Melbourne/Perth? Listeners know they are in Sydney. Thanks for the reminder Nine Radio.

Maybe it’s a reminder for 4GB Brisbane listeners? :rofl:


Which is still kind of relevant since that’s what the likes of Hadley and Fordham do on a regular basis isn’t it?


As much as I don’t mind getting into the mudpit of political discussion from time to time, it’s not for everyone and I do think there’s potential scope to split this topic into:
Nine Radio (Talk) Content - for things like Ben Fordham vs Albo, Hadley in general, Neil Mitchell vs Dan Andrews etc.
Nine Radio (Talk) Technical Discussion- for things like the logo changes, technical issues, announcer changes, anything else really

I feel like the similar split for the Digital Radio topics has worked really well. Given that no other radio network in Australia is as politically charged or likely to lead to political debates I feel that a split here could work well too. Also allows for a bit more freedom when it comes to the political debate side of things (without risk of going too much off topic).


Lol … you guys are classic. I know you are great believers in free speech. As long as its only you who are free to speak ay?


Deb Knight is so lightweight.

The commercials are more hard hitting.

The sooner they move her on the better.

Hopefully her ratings tank even further.

Fordham’s not conservative. He just blows with the breeze. He even wants to change the date of Australia Day now.

2GB is moderate radio these days compared to the halcyon days.


talkSPORT broadcasting from 3AW’s studios in April last year:

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I could not agree with you more. As I’ve commented here before imo 2GB should keep Joe Hildebrand on Afternoons as he is entertaining, interesting and enjoyably quirky. All of the things Deb is not, unfortunately. Her show is bland and so beige. It’s vacuous fluff …

Joe is quite self indulgent when it comes to content and usually makes the show about himself and his labor mates. The show should be about Sydney and the callers not lectures on ancient history and his bike rack.

Deb can be a little light at times but the show is well produced.

I haven’t listened to 3AW or 2GB, etc. for a very long time, but I don’t see a problem with “lighter” talk back in the afternoons, whether it’s Deb Knight or whoever. 3AW used to have Ernie Sigley and later Denis Walter on in the afternoons, not exactly hard hitting. And I’ve not heard their shows but I imagine Dee Dee Dunleavy on 3AW and Sofie Formica on 4BC are similarly a lighter program to the morning or drive shows. It doesn’t all have to be heavy talkback or shouting editorial around the clock. Light and shade, it’s not a bad thing.


But it rates most of the time so they won’t axe it barring any catastrophic events.

I’ve noticed that Deborah’s show is getting a bit more right leaning. I never used to swear at the radio after what I hear, usually that happens much more during the right wing dribble that comes out of Hadley’s mouth then Deborah’s but I have been listening to the start of her show over the last few days and see myself doing it. I almost sent in a email after what I heard. I was so disgusted. I do that all the time after listening to Hadley.

Eddie McGuire and Jimmy Bartel will be doing a weekly podcast (under the banner of 3AW/9 Podcasts) discussing the hottest topics in footy during the AFL season. New recruit Anthony Hudson will have his own podcast.


This looks very Seven-ish.


(sorry for double-post)

Can anyone explain why all of a sudden Nine’s TODAY show is featuring 6PR’s Karl Langdon during its news bulletin to chat about a selected WA/Perth story of the day?

It’s really annoying. Why can’t they just do what every other market has to do - and have an on-ground reporter to report the news, rather than a radio commentator commenting on the news.

I understand that it is cross-promoting, but it is seriously over-done and it is so obvious what Nine is trying to do (to promote 6PR and show relevancy to WA).

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I think it’s got to do with this (from the Today show topic).

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A major blow for local content - a close source has told me Nine is ending daily live crosses with Adelaide and Perth newsrooms on Today Show.

Daily chat segments will continue with Karl Langdon (Perth) and Tom Rehn (Adelaide) - however local crews will only be used for breaking news stories.

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