Nine Radio (Music)

The number one in Brisbane will likely be from all the ex 4KQ listeners who want to continue the tradition of Bohemian Rhapsody being number 1 on an Easter Countdown - not sure about Melbourne’s reasoning.

Also, the news thing that happened on 4BH Friday happened again at 7pm tonight just before the top 3 songs. 4BH doesn’t have 7pm news, so it was odd to hear the news sweeper, then it went to silence for a bit on DAB+/streaming (backup tape on AM) and then after a minute or two the countdown resumed. They’ve had a bit of trouble with that over this weekend.

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I wonder when ACE will have a top 500 easy
music countdown on 3mp/2ue


They’ve done an Easy 500 before on MP over a long weekend previously.

There really should be a 1,000 song Easter countdown. 2WS used to do one in the early 1980s.

KQ’s was always 1,000 at Easter


Just heard on 4BH the announcer back announcing a song as “Magic 1278”. Not good to let slip…


Well this week Scott Menz is doing breakfast for 4BH, as well as Magic, and Jon Vertigan is doing mornings for both at the same time.


I have to admit I like Scott Menz more than BBQ Bob to be honest. Bob is just a bit too loud and upbeat for me at that time of the morning. I also wish they’d re-think the music they play at breakfast on 4BH - it’s just too clangy and hard sometimes. Angels and ACDC in the breakfast show - no thanks.


2UE broadening out its music - playing Everytime You Cry (Farnham and Human Nature) plus Tina Turner’s The Best in the past 30 minutes.


Probably just modernising its music somewhat to stay relevant to its demos.

A bit like how Star 104.5 has dropped all of the 80s music.