Nine Radio (Music)

Hopefully ACE made a deal to also do those promos on the 4KQ broadcasts.

If you can’t own another Brisbane station, what’s stopping you from providing networked content to the opposition?

Clever ARN.


Gavin Miller who was on ARN Gold 104.3 last year jumped ship to Magic 1278 this year.

Laurel, Gary & Mark should be able to jump ship to 4bh as well

I would not be surprised after the survey break Laurel, Gary & Mark has joined 4bh

Magic just played “April Sun in Cuba” and i can’t find my ukelele. :mask: :mask: :mask: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Does ACE have control over any Sydney DAB+ space?

It’d be nice to see 2UE Classic Hits DAB+ and leave Easy Music 2UE on 954AM.


They would likely have to do a deal with Nine to increase their allocation to something like 96kbs to have 2 stations broadcasting at 48kbs.

I listened to 4BH again today but I don’t think they will become the station 4KQ listeners will listen to after this Thursday evening unless they plan to have local programs and presenters.Also they need to have even more variety,they are flogging some songs I’ve noticed :confused:

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Well some of them

Ad just ran on 4KQ inviting listeners to change to there once 4KQ closes.

“When you say goodbye to 4KQ, say hello to classic hits 4BH.”


Update uploaded to YouTube - it sounds slightly distorted, but that is how it was broadcast.


My workmate is now listening to 4BH on her DAB radio,she knows now 4KQ are nearly gone for good😕I downloaded the 4BH app on my phone and I listen to them on my Bluetooth speaker,sounds better than my small DAB radio,it can get noisy at work,my speaker is louder .


Can ACE in Sydney use the DAB+ space that Nine Radio was using for NTS to for Magic Classic Hits DAB+?

Since Nine Radio is not using it at the moment

Same in Brisbane for a Easy Music Station?

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As mentioned earlier, I’d listen to Magic’s music any day over 2UE’s.

Ace couldn’t of chosen a more ugly logo for their Nine Radio music stations. I have enjoyed the mix of music when I have listened to the station on 2UE.

I kinda think they should maroon up their 4BH website, but I don’t think the logo’s that bad. Magic’s is worse, and at least it wasn’t the stock ACE station logo design.

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There waa no need to change the logo in the first place. Let alone use such a ugly logo.

I mean… there was need to change the logo even before the ACE era…
It’s nice to have an actual-different looking logo for Nine Music vs. Nine Talk instead of “kinda different, but really the same”

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