Nine On-Air Presentation


To clarify they were using AI for internal voice overs that are used for editors before they get the proper voice overs done.


2D or 3D bug? Why not both?


I want to see this promo pls.

Noticing the same for ACA now, inconsistent choice of logo.

Honestly have no idea what is going on in the graphics department…

And for the love of god, that sponsor music is so old and tiresome after 12 years.

Someone thinks they’re trying to be Channel Ten with the production closer music from 2001 lasting until the 2018 relaunch…

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I mean the production ender music I liked and it made sense that it wouldn’t update, but for something like Billboards that have sponsorship and revenue attached to them, it is odd they are still using music and graphics from 2014


I wish they brought back the IDs, schedules, and content rating billboards.


Content rating billboards are the only things I never cared for - the others would be nice to return.


Wonder why they dropped that. It’s like the missing key puzzle

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The time used to air station material is time they can sell as ad spots and the purposes of them are fulfilled by other aspects of TV nowadays (IDs with watermarks, schedules and ratings with the EPG & supers). But my inner TV nerd really wants to see them back.
IDs still kind of live on regionally to fill unsold ad spots and sponsor billboards or to (re)sync with the metro feed. But they’re hardly of the quality or interest-factor that they used to be now that everything aligns exactly with the metro brands.


Trying to minimize channel hopping by going straight to the other program.

That’s why there’s hardly any junction between programmes these days.
Which shows no care or pride.

But yes, Idents need a return in some form, even into break bumpers.

The lack of complete refresh is getting ridiculous.


Noticed Today is starting to use the flat 9 in its promos.

Last I saw, the 3D yellow is still being used

As I’ve said before, looks really out of place and unprofessional to be so inconsistent


Networks still air Christmas IDs. Used to air an Easter one. Seven aired ‘look after yourself Victoria’ during COVID ones. The last good one’s were HSV-7’s in 2019/2020 ‘:heart: 7 Melb’ or ‘the heart of 7 is Melb’ first in 2018; there were also the 2013 Van Morrison one’s and 2012’s ‘Melbourne is my city’ (all posted in another thread recently).

As for program continuity, Seven were the first to do it, probably 20 years ago and this same style has pretty much been going ever since, during prime time. They usually do split screen end credits with a promo, in-program/post prod it’s a black or grey box (used to be red, changing in 2005, again in 2006, in 2007 and used until around 2011 before the current darker shades), but if out of program/presentation such as movies it’s a red line. M/c just fade air a production ender/studio closer and start the next program.

Nine and Ten did not do this for a long time, only around 2019 I reckon or COVID but often they won’t do split screens and just fade to a closer and start the next program.

Ten used to do split screens a lot and Nine briefly did it around the early/mid-2000s and I remember randomly around 2017 or 2018 on Saturdays during double header movies would have a blue line similar to Seven’s and promo the next movie.

With classification boards, yes 100% a continuity thing to keep viewer flow. Nine were the first to drop them almost straight away including changing up the wording, when the new Code came into effect at the end of 2015.

Seven and I think Ten were last in early 2016, actually took some months. 7flix missed out on ever having one, as did 9Life, also could’ve been why before their launches, as would’ve required a lot more presentation including V/O and playout ingestion work.


Promo vs Programme
Talk about inconsistent


The new code of practice was introduced on December 1, and 9Life launched November 26, so they would of had to have a classification board, unless they didn’t air any programs that requires one.

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I wonder if anyone (specifically those in Channel 9) has the original audio files for the 2012 look (or at least the original video files)?

They exist but I don’t see someone just handing them over as much as I would love to hear the full rendition of the “welcome home” theme when the colours relaunch happened ahead of the 2012 olympics.
There are a few versions of that theme.

Why not? Would they get in trouble?

The audio files are copyrighted, Nine would not even entertain such a request