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No headline graphics on tonight’s opener:


In my opinion there are either too many stories being headlined, or each headline is too long. Vanessa is reading them VERY fast with barely a breath in between each one. I’m not sure how that Illawarra opening compares to the other SNSW markets (obviously it has to be the same length, but did the others trail so many stories?) or to other Nine bulletins in general. You’ve got an hour, love - what’s the rush? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Noticed on the playout to ad break tonight that Nine have included a “tomorrow on Today” promo in the feed, which aired before the SCA ad break started.


noticed the same in northern NSW too.


Mike Lorrigan presenting sport on Nine’s Morning News.
He seems to be a pretty good presenter!


A few NQ stories have been shown statewide the last 2 nights resulting in non-local content being shown in the local windows.

Last night, the bulletin opened with 2x NQ stories shown statewide (a stabbing near Ayr, and a police pursuit in Ayr).
The local window then started with a story about a mine fire southwest of Mackay (irrelevant to the local region), then local stories, the “local” window then ended on a story about a Mackay craft group knitting jumpers for lambs (completely irrelevant to Townsville).

Tonight, we again had a random story from the Mackay market shoved into the local window, about AirBNB usage in the Whitsundays, with a NQ story shown statewide afterwards, about the stabbing near Ayr.

I understand the need to fill the local window when local stories are significant enough to show statewide, but the selection of these non-local stories seems to leave a lot to be desired


a stabbing near Ayr, Near Townsville?


I’ve enjoyed seeing a noticeable increase in live crosses during the regional QLD bulletin recently.






Montage of tonight’s NQ bulletin.


Sigh. 6:02 and SNSW/ACT has a story about traffic in Sydney. If they’re going to lead with pointless Sydney news, give us the real bulletin with a good anchor and set.


What an absolute joke!

Realistically this won’t happen, but I’d probably go as far as saying Nine News’ Southern NSW/ACT regional bulletins need to be produced entirely from NBN Newcastle. Although that wouldn’t be perfect (ideally, it should be produced in Canberra or Wollongong) it’d still be better than having a bunch of Sydney residents guessing what they think Southern NSW/ACT viewers want to watch.


you’re lucky, in NBN land we got it at 6:00


see above :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh geez, that’s absolutely shocking!

Still with Nine News’ content priorities completely out of whack when it comes to their regional news services and prioritising resources for stories in regional areas (like TCN reporters being sent up for relatively minor stuff that would probably be covered just as good, if not better by NBN), where is Media Watch when you need them? As I’ve said before, they could easily make up at least half a show with content fails related to regional news coverage at Nine News! :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually don’t see the problem in this story getting prominence in NSW/ACT. It may well have been lot worse than it was.


I actually thought the Sydney traffic story Nine ran with during their Southern NSW/ACT regional bulletins at 6.02pm was this one (and/or a subsequent report about the Sydney train network’s latest fail):

Maybe it’d be of interest to some viewers in the Illawarra, but overall not really worthy of being the 2nd story of the night in Southern NSW/ACT IMO.


This is the major issue with EVERY news service in Australia. They treat Sydney news as being local to everyone, when clearly it is not. Is someone in Bathurst, Young, Ballarat, Scone, Tamworth, Mt Isa, going to give a shit about someone crashing in Sydney? No!

When will they get it through their heads?


Ok, sorry. I was just going on what Overton and Nine posted on Twitter.


The latest edition of Canberra Weekly magazine has advertisements for Nine News Canberra in the TV Guide section, instead of the usual WIN News Canberra:


It seems like this is like a “up yours” to old mate Bruce! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: