Nine News Late

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Nine News Late

Based on information received tonight, Nine will introduce a late night bulletin starting next Sunday night.

Currently titled Nine News Late it will run for 30 minutes - times and days vary.

The currently scheduled NINE NEWS SPECIAL: COVID-19 on Sunday had been renamed.


Sunday 19 April
09:50 pm Nine News Late

Monday 20 April
10:45 pm Nine News Late

Tuesday 21 April
10:25 pm Nine News Late

Wednesday 22 April
Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth
10:30 pm Nine News Late

11:30 pm Nine News Late

Thursday 23 April

Friday 24 April
Sydney, Brisbane
11:00 pm Nine News Late

Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth
10:30 pm Nine News Late


Presumably with the same presenters from Sydney’s 6pm news?

I can imagine Nine fans clapping in glee right now.


Why in the world is this not called Nightline?


Exactly what I am thinking. Should have renamed it as such and also bring back the unique theme that we associate with the old “Nightline” from back in the day.


At least they could have gone with Nine’s Late News to match Nine’s Morning News and Nine’s afternoon News.

Or even Nine News Late Edition to match Nine News Early Edition.


I don’t think this signals a permanent new show

They have just named it differently for coding purposes

So when they run ratings reports and averages at the end of the year they can differentiate between the 9pm placement and the 1030-11.15pm placement

This will make 9 News special: Covid look higher in the ratings


Just do Nine’s Late Night News and be done with it.

Using the name might cost them? And if it’s only temporary why bother?


Nothing about this suggests it’s permanent.

Seems like a coding name change to me

Nine’s keeping the news there for Covid reasons for now. I don’t feel this is a long term programming strategy.


It’s obviously gong head to head with 7’s “The Latest” (which I find a rather clever name).

But I can see why they’re calling it 9News Late. You could just imagine their logo will have the “9” logo, then beneath it “News” then beneath that, the word “Late” in red. Similar to how they do 9News Now or 9News Sydney, etc.

But you’d surely hope they verbally refer to it as 9’s Late News.

When it was briefly revived around 2009-2010, it was rebranded Nine’s Late News before changing to 9Nightline a few months later. Still seems like the Nightline terms is for nostalgists only


I don’t get why it isn’t called Nightline. I’m no Nine fanboy (far from it) but honestly, it seems plenty of late-night bulletins in Australia have special names/branding.

(The Latest, Nightline, and the last few years of Ten Late News)

No one thought The Latest would last post-Summer, and look where we are today.


It’s moving at will over the schedule and barely making a dent in ratings?


OK, OK, but I’m saying that it continued.

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I always thought The Latest was long term strategy @Puggo19

@OnAir context. It got some great numbers at the height of corona. Now it’s been pushed back. Is anything on 7 post 730 or 830
Making a dent in the ratings?

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I can recall many people saying it wouldn’t last post-Summer - check the first few posts on The Latest thread.

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I don’t feel this is a permanent thing. I think the name change is to separate the year end ratings summary of “9 News Special” which is going to list as averaging 500-600k to “9 News Late” which will average out at 215k at 10.30

This way Nine can break out the performances of a Covid boosted early 9 news. And a more normal viewing level 10.30 news

That said, if it is a permanent attempt - happy to be wrong in a few months - I too feel it should have special branding. I think it helps awareness “9 News Late” is hardly memorable or rolls off the tounge

THE 10.30 NEWS



As good as it is to see, this really does raise questions about the regional bulletins now.

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I’d say they’re gone for good now :pensive:

Nine News: The Very Latest

Wow, there’s a hole in my cheek where my tongue used to be.

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