Nine News Content and Appearance


Some caps from last night’s 6PM opener in Sydney.


Full set of caps from last night’s Wentworth By-Election Update caps - there were three updates from what I saw:

Personally I was wondering if Nine News used their Wentworth By-Election Updates as an opportunity to test a possible update to the On-Air Presentation package for their Election coverage. With elections in Victoria, NSW and federally happening over the next six months or so, one can imagine Nine wanting to have a fresh look for their coverage of those three important polls.

Anyway, I agree that the supers were way too big - especially the Votes Counted/Nine Prediction poll graphics. For Election Graphics, smaller sizes are better (especially these days with HD becoming more common) and if done well, can even be utilised to fit more information in!


Camera was focused on the background for report - the wind on the balcony of the Nine GC office looks gusty!


Local morning news for Queensland


Nine’s Afternoon News for Brisbane is a 90 minute bulletin today. It immediately follows their rolling coverage of the Royal Tour at 3.30pm.

Andrew shouldn’t be hosting rolling coverage. Wendy Kingston would have been a better choice or even Eva Milic from the GC bureau.


Andrew read the news. Melissa is hosting the rolling coverage.


He is also co-anchoring from the studio right now.


3.30 News Brisbane

Royal tour coverage has finished.


Looks like a possible setup for tonight with Andrew in studio and Melissa on Fraser. The forecast looks clear.


Nine News Sydney needs some new calculators.
This weather intro from Belinda Russell

“The city only warmed up by FOUR (they emphasised the 4) degrees today, from a low of 16 to a top of 22”.


Getting dark on Fraser


A conversation which I’d imagine actually happened in the TCN newsroom this afternoon.

Producer 1: “We need a service station for Hannah Sinclair’s live cross on petrol prices. Have any great ideas for locations?”

Producer 2: “Yeah, the Shell Coles Express is only just up the road. That’ll do!”

Also, I wonder which producer is responsible for doing the puns (and graphics) for the 1st Sport Report each night on Nine News Sydney? Because there was another particularly interesting one tonight…


This is actually a common conversation in all newsrooms at Mount Coot-tha in Brisbane.


There was a Coles Express round the corner from all the stations in Perth.


I once drove past a Petrol Station in Ashgrove on a weekend and saw a camo shooting overlay.


At THOSE prices, you can probably understand Channel Nine not wanting to go any further!


They didn’t even need to go that far, there’s a BP almost directly opposite TCN in Willoughby!

Quite fitting though given that Shell is one of the most expensive petrol stations around, the independent 50m up the road often has petrol for 15-20c a litre less.


I knew that Nine Perth would add Armadale!


there’s just so much I hate about that cap holy fuck

Where’s rotto?
What’s with that perspective and graphics ratio?
Why are those graphics so big too?
Why is the only inland centre Armadale?

so much more to say but I’ll get triggered urgh


Different style for the traffic report