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Thought I’d try posting some caps to the shiny new look forum!

Note Melbourne is still to adopt the slightly modified supers as seen in Sydney.


Adelaide has had the slightly modified supers since moving to their new studios, remember? Infact they got them before Nine News Sydney (and later, national bulletins produced from Sydney) got them! :smile:

It’ll be very interesting to see what 2016 has in store as far as On-Air Presentation is concerned. Personally I’m hoping for a refresh considering the age of many core elements of Nine News’ current branding although considering that very little changed when Adelaide moved studios, I’m not holding my breath!

New topic deserves some HD from Sydney

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Nine News “Last at 5:10” is on now during the cricket rain delay.

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9 News Brisbane from tonight. Being broadcast in HD highlights how bad the studio cameras are.

He’s a terrible presenter.


Gold Coast news from last night

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Yes he is!!

Oh man that studio quality is so bad!


I’m sure those cameras have been used for many years! An upgrade to full HD (remember, this bulletin is still an SD production) really can’t come soon enough for Nine Queensland.

And Nine Gold Coast really need to fix up their audio quality and those “blank” headline transitions during the Opener! :confused:


I’ve been complaining about those black bars in Brisbane for years. Still no idea why the Gold Coast news sounds so tinny either.


And one more thing! It always bugs me that there is no identification of the news reader - not in the VO or via a super.


Hopefully there is a relaunch soon and that is addressed in Queensland

Promo for 9 Gold Coast News 20th Birthday Celebrations for 16 January

Nine News Now, has a new look opener as captured by Australian TV Fan, looks very similar to CNN News Now.

Original Video

Oh wow. That is a blatant rip-off!

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Interesting to see Peter Hitchener anchoring the AFL press conference (gtv)

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Despite being a rip off, I really like that. Guess we now know why they updated the graphics earlier in the year :stuck_out_tongue:

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If anything, I’d actually almost go as far as saying that Nine’s version was executed better than the CNN version…

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