Nine Network - Programs and Schedules

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Schedule update:

Saturday 2 February
09:00 pm New Amsterdam Rpt x 2
11:00 pm Movie: Good People (2014)

Thursday 7 February
10:45 pm Young Sheldon S2 Ep09 and 10 Rpt
11:40 pm Imposters S2 Ep07


Networks are terrible are re-scheduling programs at last minute when a preceding program concludes abruptly or early…

Examples from Nine over last couple of days:

9Gem: Davis Cup finished 8:56pm (34min early) last night, so succeeding movie scheduled started then. Meaning viewers who have recorded on DVR from EPG will miss that 34min

9Gem: Same tonight, Davis Cup finised 2 and a half hours early ( :open_mouth: ) at 7:07pm, but instead of finding another movie that could theoretically have aired between then and 9:30pm (when succeeding scheduled movie “Maverick” starts) they just moved that forward 2 and a half hours (airing now)!

Meaning an unscheduled (movie?) will air after 9:30pm now.


Id laugh if they aired the film Maverick then followed it with the film Maverick.


I guess it would be harder with live sport though.


Did they really bump ACA for a MAFS encore? Tracey Grimshaw would be ropable…


MAFS started at 7:30pm


Nine’s main channel share was also respectable, though it might’ve mainly been attributed to news and ACA


LOL :joy: Who knows, though PRG 2nd line just before said “SVU next” (which was scheduled for midnight, not 9:30)


So what is this film?


Week commencing 10 February 2019

Sunday 10 February
07:00 pm Married At First Sight The first Commitment Ceremony. Who will write STAY and who will write LEAVE? The experiment is rocked by a shocking outburst.
08:30 pm 60 Minutes
09:40 pm Murder, Lies & Alibis Rpt
10:40 pm Killer On The Line Rpt
11:40 pm Cold Case Rpt

Monday 11 February
07:30 pm Married At First Sight Moving day. The couples move into their new apartments but one new bride & groom head straight to counselling after an explosive Commitment Ceremony.
09:00 pm Murder, Lies & Alibis Vasyli Part 2
10:10 pm Serial Killer With Piers Morgan Rpt
11:10 pm Chicago Justice Rpt

Tuesday 12 February
07:30 pm Married At First Sight Yes Week. One partner in each couple takes all the power for one week and sparks one amazing revelation.
09:00 pm Travel Guides European Cruise
10:00 pm Manifest S1 Ep11
11:00 pm Chicago Justice Rpt

Wednesday 13 February
07:30 pm Married At First Sight The second Dinner Party. The relationship of one couple takes a shocking left turn that no one sees coming.
09:00 pm New Amsterdam S1 Ep04
10:00 pm Chicago Med S3 Ep19
11:00 pm Talking Married

Thursday 14 February
07:30 pm Young Sheldon S2 Ep11
08:00 pm Young Sheldon Rpt
08:30 pm Movie: Jason Bourne (2016)
10:45 pm Young Sheldon x 2 Rpt
11:40 pm Imposters S2 Ep08

Friday 15 February
07:30 pm Australian Indigenous All Starts V New Zealand Māori Kiwis
10:15 pm Travel Guides Rpt
11:15 pm Movie: Get Shorty (1995)

07:00 pm Australian Indigenous All Starts V New Zealand Māori Kiwis
09:15 pm Travel Guides Rpt
10:15 pm Movie: Get Shorty (1995)

Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth
07:30 pm RBT Rpt
08:30 pm Movie: Four Weddings & A Funeral (1994)
11:00 pm Movie: About a Boy (2002)

Saturday 16 February
07:00 pm David Attenborough’s Dynasties Series Premiere
08:10 pm Movie: Crocodile Dundee II (1988)
10:25 pm TBA


Fairly strong schedule there.


Thursday and Friday look very weak.


Jesus Christ it’s


Seems like every channel have their weak days now.


Friday looks alright with NRL All-Stars game on the east coast.
Not sure about Thursdays though. Why show the same episodes of Young Sheldon twice on the same night? Why not do the Big Bang Theory/Young Sheldon double like the US?


Schedule above amended with new information.


Nine not showing NRL All-Stars game on main channel in Melbourne even though the match will be held at Melbourne’s AAMI Park :thinking:


That’s just your standard ratings/commercial decision, is it not?

Like during an AFL or NRL season where the non-traditional markets get a movie, to avoid very low ratings.


It’s up against a Big Bash Semi Final on Seven. Given there will be next to no interest in this game in Melbourne, airing it on 9Gem is the right decision.


I think it’s a cost saving decision as some program rights deals allow a repeat airing within 24 hours at no additional cost. Seven does the same thing with The Simpsons.