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Schedule Update

Friday 1 February
07:00 pm Married at First Sight x4 Rpt


I am a big critic with this, it’s been tried and FAILED by Nine. Okay, it gets some viewers, but is more a detiment to Nine’s weekly share.

Still think it must be a back-up plan to please sponsors if things go pear-shaped in the werk (which lets be honest is highly unlikely)


Nine & Seven both generally both do that in the first few weeks of the ‘TV year’ while it’s still the non-ratings period


It’s actually Friday that will have the Married at First Sight encore.


Week commencing 3 February 2019

Sunday 3 February
07:00 pm Married At First Sight Australia’s most controversial social experiment continues. Who will marry Matt, the 29-year-old virgin and is Sam really too good looking for love?
08:30 pm 60 Minutes
09:40 pm James Bulger-The New Revelations
10:45 pm Married At First Sight Rpt

Monday 4 February
07:30 pm Married At First Sight The final two weddings. Australia’s most controversial social experiment has never seen a bride like Ines. Have the experts found a groom that can tame her?
09:00 pm Murder, Lies and Alibis Season Premiere
10:00 pm Playground Murder Plot Rpt
11:10 pm Chicago Justice Rpt

Tuesday 5 February
07:30 pm Married At First Sight The last 4 couples set off on their honeymoons. How will Matt cope with the honeymoon with his virginity on the line?
09:00 pm Travel Guides Hawaii Season Premiere
10:00 pm Manifest S1 Ep10 Series Return
11:00 pm Chicago Justice Rpt

Wednesday 6 February
07:30 pm Married At First Sight The first Dinner Party of the season. All the couples meet for the first time with drama on the menu but where is the runaway groom?
09:00 pm New Amsterdam S1 Ep03
10:00 pm Chicago Med S3 Ep18
11:00 pm Rizzoli & Isles Rpt

Thursday 7 February
07:30 pm Young Sheldon S2 Ep09 and 10
08:30 pm Movie: Doctor Strange (2016)
10:45 pm Imposters S2 Ep07
11:35 pm Cold Case Rpt

Friday 8 February
07:30 pm RBT
08:30 pm Movie: Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol (2011)
11:10 pm Movie: Brick Mansions (2014)

Saturday 9 February
07:00 pm Movie: Red Dog - True Blue (2016)
08:45 pm Movie: Crocodile Dundee (1986)
10:45 pm Movie: Trading Places (1983)

Movies on TV

Hmmm. Young Sheldon for 2 and a half hours eh? No thanks.

EDIT: No offence intended, just an observation on a small mistake.


Obviously the movie starts at 8:30pm.

Simple mistake. No biggie.


So am I but it must make them money as they do it every year.


All you frustrated Nine programmers will now have a new platform to voice out your opinions, whinges and everything in between, you can go to


It started in August last year.


A Marvel movie on Nine? I’ve noticed that it’s also not on Stan. Wonder if this is a one-off or if there are more to come.


I posted this question on Movies on TV thread earlier. I think there will be more Marvel movies going to Nine, preventing Seven from completing its Marvel collection.


And Disney on Stan has been a major sponsor of Nine’s Aus Open (which is odd as they own it), heavily promoted, even TJ did a late plug last night.

Must have cost Nine big bucks this whole thing


Schedule Upate

Wednesday 30 January
11:00 pm Talking Married

Thursday 31 January
11:00 pm Rizzoli & Isles Rpt


Expect more bloated episodes of MAFS if the good ratings continue.


MAFS debuted to lower ratings than I’m a Celebrity this year even if it was slightly up on last year. Not sure why everyone is going crazy about these numbers. They are good but IMO nothing spectacular yet.


The show is a grower so there is a good chance that like last year, the show will grow even bigger.

The show beating MKR from the first day is a good sign for Nine.


A late night repeat on main channel will dilute the audience watching first screening on 9Life.

Wednesday 30 January 2019

Because viewers will purposely stay up late to watch the repeat?


Taking ‘must see tv’ to a whole new extreme