Nine Network 2022


Discussion of Nine Network programming for 2022.

Nine’s Upfronts to be held Wednesday 15 September.


What we know so far:
The sixth season of Celebrity Apprentice will start filming in Q4 this year, once Lord Sugar comes out of hotel quarantine
The producers of The Block are looking for potential sites in Byron Bay
Filming of the next season of Married at First Sight has been delayed due to COVID, but they are still aiming for February premiere

Big questions:
What will be Nine’s next drama after Amazing Grace pulled disappointing ratings even with MAFS as lead-in?
Will The Weakest Link be back?
Will Nine consider buying broadcast rights to three of 2022’s major sporting events - ICC Twenty20 World Cup in Australia; Birmingham Commonwealth Games; Rugby League World Cup in England?

More Game Shows maybe???

They’ll probably commission another Underbelly or do another season of Halifax to fill the quota.

Unless they make some changes, probably not.

Hopefully not.

The Hundred / Tipping Point / Millionaire Hot Seat can stay, the rest can go.

Because the 2022 thread is still locked,


Looks like Nine is going to go for more lifestyle shows with that new show with Shaynna Blaze.

Hopefully they’ll add some new dramas and comedies to their schedule and add depth to their schedule.


Water Rats? Stingers?

Would be great to see at least 2 new dramas announced for 2022 plus wouldn’t it be great to get some hint of a visual refresh for the network.

A pipe dream would be a late show of some sort.

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Water Rats would be good. As would McLeod’s Daughters.

I can see why they want to do another reboot in this environment but it would be nice to have new ideas commissioned. Even if they do an adaptation of an overseas drama like Line of Duty.


Isn’t McLeod’s doing a movie?


Surely Nine would pick up the Kelly Clarkson Show in 2022 on the 12pm Slot replacing by Ellen.


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This is actually a good idea, don’t think we’ve seen anything like this - at least for a while? Though would hate to see how we’d butcher something :sweat_smile:


The current lineup of factual/lifestyle repeat —> Reality encore —> Pointless —> Tipping Point is doing quite well at the moment so I don’t see them changing that up for now.

Aussie TV needs to stay away from reboots. SeaChange was a stinker and RFDS is verging on being a flop too.

I think a police drama around Sydney Harbour would be a big selling point overseas but they can do that without a connection to Water Rats.

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They could always call the reboot ‘H2O Rodents’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think you’ll find a return of the Underbelly umbrella.
I believe the last one was the Chopper? Which didn’t really set the ratings on fire though.

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