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Upfronts are generally underwhelming but Nine’s one today was more underwhelming than usual and that’s saying something.

Few quick thoughts:

  • Amazing Grace (on face value) seems too similar to Offspring/Love Child. Likewise, Nine needs to be careful to ensure Beach House Escape isn’t too similar to The Block.

  • Love Island (based on past performance) definitely won’t satisfactorily fill the gap left by The Voice in the way Nine think/hope it will.

  • The local version of Celebrity IOU as well as the rebooted Beauty and the Geek both have potential to perform well if they’re done right


Boring. Apart from Lego Masters, Mega Zoo, Under Investigation and Ninja it’s very underwhelming.

I know MAFS does wonders for Nine but three love shows a year (not to mention that two of them are very similar in Beauty and the Geek and Love Island)? Hopefully they’ll go the direction of Seven and their additional cooking shows each year ratings-wise. Nice to see some drama investment but overall not really exciting.


Not particularly appealing.

Maybe Seven & Ten will have better 2021 programming lineups, but I highly doubt it!

When are those upfronts (seven and 10)?

Nine are relying on old reality shows that have proven to be a success (Celebrity Apprentice, Beauty and the Geek, Celebrity IOU, etc.).

I’ve also noticed that nearly all their shows can be filmed in advance (although Love Island will be interesting seeing as it usually has live voting/quick turnarounds)- for exanple, with Seven they have AGT and The Voice which usually require some ‘live’ component such as a studio audience and live voting.

Apprentice and Beauty can all be pre-recorded

I’m surprised there is that much new content from 9 actually. I am just a little annoyed at the international hosts for two shows. But I think they are good inductions considering the current climate and the fact 9 have an established lineup.


10’s upfront will be held on October 15. Seven hasn’t announced its upfront date yet, I think it will need to sort out the broadcast deal with Cricket Australia before even thinking of next year’s programming.


Same here - considering the only major change from 2019 is that The Voice has shifted to Seven, they’ve announced so much new content to fill that gap.
I still remember the Nine Upfronts for 2020 featured the exact same line-up as 2019.

It looks OK, however some of it will be underwhelming.

  • Having three Love shows is too much overkill for Channel Nine. Sophie Monk is on two shows (BATG and Love Island AU).
  • Amazing Grace is quite similar to Love Child.
  • TV Week Logies to be pencilled in for 27 June 2021 at The Star, Gold Coast.
  • State of Origin to be played during middle of 2021. (as there’s a RLWC being played in England in Oct-Nov 2021). I am leaning towards Nine regaining the rights to RLWC.
  • Australian Ninja Warrior needs to be extra careful. This could have a small impact with the finale (as it clashes with the TOkyo Olympics). Also, Shane Crawford will replace Freddie Flintoff next year as Freddie Flintoff couldn’t fly to Australia due to travel restrictions.
  • Mega Zoo to air on Saturday nights (without NRL)

I’ll be interested to see how they schedule the shows - the 3 shows are different enough that I could see it working.
MAFS will definitely be early 2021 but BATG could potentially steal some viewers off the Bachie franchise later in the year. Love Island could potentially fill the gap left by The Voice


Nine must’ve dusted this one off when they saw the success of Farmer Wants a Wife on Seven.


Terrible lineup!


It’s obvious that Channel 9, and Aus TV as a whole, are relying on reality TV to attract viewers. It feels like the line-up is 90% reality shows


Yeh that worries me. They have had limited success with shows that skew really young like love island and big brother. Beauty and the geek is a good get, but don think it will do big business on nine. Their schedule imploded during those shows as well so they can’t rely too heavily on them either.

They do better with broad skewing shows.

Although Love Island didn’t rate well in terms of total viewers, I think their success comes from attracting the younger demos + 9Now streaming.

Beauty and the Geek can appeal to a much broader audience - it has potential to be an entertainment/comedy show that families tune into every week, whereas Love Island is for the 16-39s to binge-watch and isn’t exactly family-friendly.

That picture sounds like a Telstra ad


Interesting that Nine still wants a performance/shiny floor format. I wonder what format could they commission. Dancing on Ice? The Greatest Dancer? Not sure how many new shiny floor formats are out there.

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Australian Idol. I say watch this space.

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