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Discussion of Nine Network program plans for 2020 with upfronts to be held 16 October.

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I think Nine will adopt a steady as it goes attitude in 2020, waiting to pounce again when viewers abandon reality shows on Seven. The two weeks of Tokyo Olympics will only a temporary ratings roadblock and Nine should dominate the rest of the year in major demographics with the likes of Married at First Sight, Lego Masters, Australian Ninja Warrior and The Block.
Nine’s sporting calendar will have a different look in 2020 with the new ATP Cup men’s team tournament coming to Australia, as well as the new format Fed Cup in April. There is also the Women’s T20 World Cup in February and March and Men’s T20 World Cup in October and November to cap off potentially a winning ratings season for the network.

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Any rumoured new shows in 2020?

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It will be interesting to see in terms of drama what nine decide to do and whether there is additional seasons of Dr Dr and particularly Seachange as it has only performed averagely in the ratings.

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2020 should be an exciting year for the Nine Network as they embark on their big move from Willoughby to North Sydney. With the current network branding having been in use for a few years now, you’d think that it wouldn’t be entirely unrealistic to expect a major relaunch (perhaps one comparable to the scale of Network Ten’s Late 2018 relaunch, except Nine would most likely retain their iconic logo & existing channel brands) for their new home?

Programming wise though, unfortunately I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s (for the most part) more of the same.

Nine will look great for advertisers, probably looking like “Number 1 for the first time in 13 years”, with mid-year CWC and Ashes dominating.

Leading nicely into telling them the Aus Open dominating its two weeks come late January as usual, leading-in to Q1’s unstoppable hit Married at First Sight.


Any plan’s for the Today Show next year?

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The problem with Seachange I reckon is Brooke Satchwell’s character, she is utterly, utterly exhausting. If there’s a second season, maybe they should write off that character.

I heard ABBA’s new songs won’t come out until 2020, thus delaying the promised “Let The Music Speak” special that was announced last year.

Local Today Show for Perth could happen

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You have some inside information?

Nine will start 2020 off with Australian Open strongly followed by MAFS. WT20 World Cup will be played in 21 Feb to 8 Mar 2020 in Australia and this will provide some healthy ratings. State of Origin to do well in middle of 2020, but will be hit hard by Seven, thanks to Tokyo 2020. 4th Quarter of 2020 will see T20 World Cup played in Australia. Nine will televise only Australian matches + Knockouts and Finals. It will be a close between Seven and Nine.
Nine will be on the way up in Adelaide and Perth.


Nothing as of yet. Waiting until upfront. Won’t be surprised if there’s a revival of local A Current Affair

If nine decided to air localised editions of ACA, it would cost a lot of money to produce. Back 10 years ago, Nine Adelaide and perth produced localised bulletins but have stopped due to low ratings (ACA was beaten by Today Tonight in its 6:30pm timeslot). A 7pm edition of ACA will see this show get beaten by Home and Away and ABC News. On several occasions, it was beaten by 7pm timeslot of the project.

Indeed. I’d expect to see more national programs than local programs in the future considering fewer and fewer people watch television.

As much as I’m not expecting local editions of Today or ACA to launch in the foreseeable future, I wouldn’t want to see the amount of local market-specific programming to be reduced any further.

Currently, Nine only has the 6pm news, the 4pm bulletins on weekdays (excluding Summer) and local telethons in some markets as truly local content. Seven is slightly better by having local weekend travel shows and a stronger commitment to the West, but that’s about it.


No great loss if we don’t have local programs.

Though Nine has those local Australian football programs in Victoria, SA and WA.


Really? I would say that local programming is more important right now than it ever has been before.

Believe me, you’ll have a greater appreciation for what we get here in Sydney and the other capital cities when you see just how poorly produced (for the most part) local news bulletins are in regional Australia!

Fair point. And I think there is (or at least was a couple of years ago) some form of local football program on Nine in Queensland?

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But judging from so many of your comments, you’re out of touch with what viewers want.

Which is exactly my point about not having local programs. They are sub-standard and not what viewers want.

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