Nine Network 2020

I’ll freely admit that my tastes in TV are nowhere near those of the general population. Whenever I read the ratings threads (which is on a near daily basis), I often shake my head and wonder just how programs like MAFS, The Block and The Bachelor are so popular.

…because they’re not investing as much money into them as they should.

If the ratings are anything to go by, the 6pm bulletins on Seven & Nine are frequently among the top 10 and even the top 5 programs most nights. At least part of the reason why surely has to be because they include local news, sport & weather (along with national/international content) which matters to viewers.

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With an hour of news these days, all local news, sport and weather can be included.

It’s fair enough to have local bulletins in each capital city but I don’t see how every regional centre also needs to have its own local bulletin too.

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Hopefully Nine will live steam their upfronts on 9Now again this year.

Ok so 10 is done. Now to look forward to Nine’s event on Wednesday!

With Australian Open finishing on 2 FEbruary, I think that Married at First Sight starts on the 3rd February and will run until perhaps 22 March 2020.
I think the Logies will air on the 28 June 2020 (one week after the Sunday Origin match at ANZ Stadium).
Australia Ninja Warrior will probably start on 5 July 2020 (and could expand to a 4-week period?)

The Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony will be held on July 24, 2020. If Australian Ninja Warrior were to expand into four weeks, then it risks having lower ratings for the final few episodes as they clash with the first week of Olympic competition.

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Ninja Warrior has also pushed back its filming into early next year, usually it’d be underway about now.

I think that The Block will probably launch on the 9 August 2020 (coinciding with the 2020 Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony in Tokyo.) THis was the case with Nine launching the block when it clashes with the day 16 of Olympics. When during the Olympics, NIne will air repeats during the games.

I’m suspecting we may see some changes to News and Current Affairs in 2020, and general operations of Nine.

I’m thinking new sets in metro areas and presentation (as they are moving to a new building in Sydney and Darwin) and potential upgrades for regional bulletins. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brisbane decides to move from Mt Coot-Tha too, they are in an inconvenient location and the building is really showing it’s age.

Nine is starting to grow a decent audience in regional, particularly in Queensland and the areas which no longer have a WIN Television media presence.

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Would Nine air The Block against a prime time Olympics ceremony?

I think it might not be OK to have The block airing against Closing ceremony on 7, otherwise it will have soft ratings and hence a lopsided prime time share, where it will get beaten by Seven.

The Mt Coo-tha land could essentially be worth very little as Nine (and Seven, Ten and ABC) can’t do anything with the land except to submit to the City of Brisbane council to acquire it and turn it into a park. [City of Brisbane Act 2010 (Qld), Section 90 (1)-(3)]. Nine would have to accept whatever offer the council gave them for the land as there is no appeal process under the act for the acquisition of this land. When Nine does move I think they will have to outlay a far bit of cash for a new studio.


looks like live stream will be available in 9now again this year.

And yes the upfronts will be live streamed tomorrow arvo on the 9Now app


I would love to see another ‘we are the one’ promo with all the Shows, News & Current Affairs & Sport.
Just like they did one in 2018

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It was “Still The One” and they can’t be “still” until they do it for a second year.

But why do have to go back to the past? Can’t we move on?

I like to see new on screen graphics, they really have not changed since upfront 2015 branding changes.


They have had we are the one as their promo line for the past few years…

I see. Goes to show that I don’t watch Nine much at all.