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Thanks again for the vids!

There are sooo many things wrong with that “Community Noticeboard”, I don’t know where to start!

  1. NO ONE writes a date as “Saturday the 29th of February”.
    That’s primary school stuff.

  2. Newcastle and Laurieton aren’t even in the same “community”, or sub market.

  3. Phone numbers are also poorly formatted. All 10 digits (incl. area code are all bunched together).
    There should be spaces eg. 02 6559 9110 for Laurieton.

  4. “County” music is I suspect meant to be “Country” music.

  5. Wrong website address at the end … should now be

  6. No logo of any kind… I suspect as with (5) above, it’s NBNs way of avoiding the Nine logo as much as possible.

I could also comment on the overly blue colours in it too., but I won’t.


Some more content from my trip …

I noticed some instances where SCA produced billboards went to air on NBN. These are custom designed graphics that SCA makes for their Nine markets, not with the Nine metro style billboard graphic:

But there were still the regular Nine style ones as well:

Some more We Love It IDs, including longer version of the Tugboat. I think some of these have also been posted before:


I forgot about the CSAs as well:


Has this been mentioned here before? Looks like a Newcastle and Darwin facility at this stage.


Seems a bit odd to have one just for NBN and NTD?

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Doesn’t sca do sales for both NBN and NTD. That seems to be the only common factor. Nine Digital Direct seems to be run by NBN.


NBN Newcastle Opt out

TCN Sydney



Nine NNSW opts out and runs its own feed 5-6pm weekdays so they don’t get the 9 News pop ups from Sydney.


But what exactly are we looking at there?

There is a minor difference in the watermark


You’d need an eagle eye to spot it.

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When NBN ran strongly as an independent, the opt-out made transitions to NBN News promos 99.99% smooth; now with Kylie Blutcher from QTQ managing the station, chances of slipping Sydney/Brisbane promos became at around 2-3%, now increased to around 15% with errors, NPC migration and insensitive promo managers from Sydney when making news promos for NBN.


Part of that can probably be attributed to what appears to have long been an anti-Nine News sentiment at NBN.


I remember when the afternoon news came to Nine… and NBN refused to air it… The only 9 News we got on NBN was on the Today show…

Back then even NBN had their own late edition news.

It would be great if they could to a NNSW focused news at 4pm instead of the Sydney bulletin with a mix of live crosses over the whole viewing area to “connect” Northern NSW.


As what I have always said, NBN News has only one studio, and there’s a specific deadline to pre-recorded local window areas everyday. The afternoon news option isn’t viable and practical, considering the fact that these windows start recording at around 3:30 and 4 in the afternoon.


And that it’s only been in the last 5 years or so that NBN has been airing the late morning news (ie. 11 or 11.30am), even though Nine has had one since the 1990s.

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It really is bizarre, for a Nine-owned station to behave like this; even WIN - with their pathetic anti-Nine attitude - was airing those bulletins (albeit with cover-ups in the corner).


They can set up a green screen in another studio… But I suppose NBN have only 1 control room capable of producing live news.


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