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I know a girl who works in the advertising department of Nine Entertainment Co which is located in Sydney CBD, she and her colleagues will move into North Sydney in early 2020.


Was anything mentioned at half-year results about television performance in Adelaide & WA?

Still doing terribly.


What’s your source for this?
The article says that all of Nine’s Sydney studios will be located in the new building, although that could just mean Nine owned studios, and not other studios which they lease.

My reasoning for questioning this is:

  1. The original tender document stated that Nine wanted up to 16,000sqm with space for 5 studios (more than they have currently). They have now secured 15,500sqm, so are essentially smack bang on that requirement.

  2. Fox studios isn’t all that close to more staff around before shows, particularly the Footy Show. Google tells me about 13 minutes right now, but that would be a lot more in peak hour. Comparatively Melbourne’s Docklands studios are basically walking distance front Nine’s building.

However, I also am not sure if a large scale production studio like what they require could really be in an office block. There would be limits on the weight they can place on the floor, and it would also be difficult to get large items, particularly cars into the studio. The ceiling height could also be an issue, but would be easier to solve since the building is yet to be built. Using studios such as Fox does seem more logical from that perspective.


It isn’t.


It’d be about a 20 min walk I reckon?


It’s 1.8kms walking distance according to Google.
My point is that it’s not far. It can be walked, and despite the fact that it would mostly be driven, it’s not very far at all.


I’m still struggling to see your point. :woman_shrugging:t2:


The Nine Network will depart the Willoughby site in Sydney’s northern suburbs known as the home of television in Australia for an ultra-modern skyscraper that will be the tallest tower in North Sydney.


I know that the move is still a few years off yet, but when Nine Sydney does say farewell to their current Willoughby site I hope that there’s some sort of farewell special or something to say goodbye to these historic studios (where so many interesting things have happened over the years) with their viewers.

And when they finally move into North Sydney, I can just imagine the new facilities being promoted as something like “The most advanced broadcasting facilities in the Southern Hemisphere” knowing how Nine loves to hype up major changes.


That would be great, but considering they didn’t celebrate their 60th birthday, I don’t see this happening.


Yes - I doubt it. As far as most advanced goes, I can’t see that claim holding up either, considering the plan seems to be just for a small number of studios.


I believe GTV9 had a Saturday night special back in 2010, farewelling its former Richmond studios.

ACA which was broadcast from Melbourne at the time, also paid tribute.


The size and quantity of studio’s has nothing to do with the technology behind them.

I find the claim of “The most advanced broadcasting facilities in the Southern Hemisphere” is a hollow one at best for several reasons

#1 ‘The Southern Hemisphere’ - who are we up against, various African nations, New Zealand and some small island nations (apologies to our Kiwi friends, but you get my drift). the major competition comes from within Oz.
#2 As it will be newest station, it is only logical that it is the ‘most advanced’ - until the next new station is built, then they will hold the title etc. etc.
#3 All the networks have made this claim when opening new studio’s in various capital cities.


I don’t think it is logical to say it is the most advanced just because it is new. With the limited scope for the set up there won’t be a need to use the latest elements associated with for example scene lighting, scene changes, sound recording etc that would be needed if they were establishing something where a variety of genres could be produced like live action drama, game shows etc.


Aren’t claims like that mostly just buzz words for buzz words sake anyway? They’d have no idea of the types of technology a new studio will be using in 3 years time.


The plans of the North Sydney building are here:

I found this of interest. While Denison St is narrow it is being closed to traffic so there will be a decent sized public space. There is definitely a production studio, as shown on plans someone else posted earlier on MS.

As seen in the the centre of the image above, there will be internal stairs throughout the levels Nine will occupy. Inside view:


Thanks for the links!

I did read somewhere that this new building will be the tallest in North Sydney.
Did anyone see how many floors will be in the building?

Also… regarding the blurb "The proposed inclusion of a media production use on the ground floor will further activate the area and create a landmark destination, which will draw both local and international visitors to the site in a similar style to that enjoyed by Channel 7 and their Martin Place studios"…

To be honest, it’s really on the wrong side of the harbour for that … Martin Place works well because it’s much closer to other landmarks like the Opera House and entertainment destinations like Circular Quay and Darling Harbour".


That would make a nice backdrop for news bulletins and the Today Show.

It kinda reminds me of the artists’ impressions of how Martin Place could’ve been, before Seven went el cheapo.


41 storey building with 4 basement levels.


###Nine breaches television code for gambling advertisements

General Television Corporation Pty Ltd (Channel Nine) has breached the Commercial TV Industry Code of Practice 2015 by broadcasting on 9Go! commercials for a gambling service during a program principally directed to children.

An investigation by the Australian and Communications Media Authority found six commercials for the gambling service were shown between 7.30 pm and 8.30 pm during the adventure/fantasy film, The Spiderwick Chronicles, broadcast on 30 September 2016.

Starting at 6.31 pm, the film, an adaptation of a series of books of the same name, was classified PG. The code states that a commercial relating to betting or gambling must not be broadcast during any program broadcast between 5.00 am and 8.30 pm that is principally directed to children.

‘The restriction on gambling adverting was expanded in the 2015 code to address community concern about children’s exposure to betting and gambling advertising,’ said acting ACMA Chairman, Richard Bean.

‘In this case, the commercials encouraged viewers to use an online betting platform to stake money on the outcome of the 2016 AFL Grand Final and the player who would score the first goal in that match. Since the code came into effect in December 2015, these types of commercials cannot be broadcast in programs principally directed to children, regardless of their classification.’

This is the first investigation the ACMA has undertaken that considers the new clause 6.5.1(b) of the 2015 code.
Nine has indicated it has taken a number of steps to minimise the likelihood of a breach occurring in the future. In light of those steps, and taking into account that this is the first breach of this new obligation, the ACMA considers that the compliance issues raised by the investigation have been sufficiently addressed.