Nine Entertainment Co


NEC managing director Amanda Laing has resigned and will leave the company in July. She has been working for the company for 19 years.


Nine Entertainment Co. has reported its FY17 financial results.

Net loss after tax of $203m, due to writedowns from their US output deal with Time Warner Inc.

Excluding those significant items, they made a net profit of $124m.

Revenue was largely flat at $1.238b (behind Seven West Media).

Significant improvement in 25-54s share and revenue growth.



As a director David Gyngell was paid $149,688 last year (excluding super and his bonuses related to his previous job as CEO), yet he only attended 7 out of 9 board meetings. For that amount of money he should be at all meetings, I think.


7/9 is not the worst really. I’m sure he didn’t miss them just cos he couldn’t be fucked showing up.


Sunday Herald Sun reports Tim Cleary has quit Nine after 13 years. Cleary has been GTV’s head of production and programming since 2012 and was a producer on the AFL Footy Show.


Interesting question … because back in 2009 Nine sold the vacant land next door for $3 million. The developers that now own it have proposed a large apartment complex on the site but there is considerable community opposition to the project and the NT government is still considering it. The land is zoned community purpose as that was the only zoning that was appropriate at the time for a television studio, apparently, so it will have to be rezoned before anything can be built there. The site has been privately owned for 40 years.

So the land that Nine still owns is zoned community purpose, so they may have difficulties building anything else that is not a ‘community purpose’ on that site unless it is rezoned.


Nine Brisbane is on leased land zoned “Television Station” (or similar). Only another television group can take over their land/building or the land reverts back to forest.

Things can always be changed with the right connections and funds.


A nice little nod to history that the sign says “Territory Television”.


Territory Television Pty Ltd is still the company name for the licencee. It is a subsidiary of Nine Entertainment Co.


Sell it off to Imparja I say!


So it can have no local news at all?


Photos on SkyscraperCity are showing the demolition this past week of the existing buildings at the site of the future Nine studios and offices in North Sydney.


The tower they’re replacing it with looks beautiful.


How many studios will TCN’s new headquarters have? The best I can find is that NEC’s tenancy will be nine (lol) floors covering 15,500 square metres (most of it likely office space) including a street level news set.

Will certainly be interesting placing news production on the same levels as the shopping centre and restaurants.


From what I’ve seen there is only one ground floor studio and that is what will be used for shows like the footy show - being large and with the facilities required for an audience. The news studios I believe will be on the next floor up.

The following pictures are of early plans and show 8 studios on the first floor, but it’s unclear what these are all for. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a couple of control rooms in there labeled as studios. (Note these plans have changed - at the very least, the local lift structure and other building services are now different - these plans are not architectural and were produced before the building was approved).


I would take it that given the number of studios in this early-stage blueprint, that there are plans to streamline NBN News with regional bulletin production?


Would be awesome if they planned on an open studio similar to Ten Sydney


And it has a metro station nearby :heart_eyes: Yup, I really like that design. Should be pretty bustling when it opens. IIRC North Sydney is getting quite a lot of development at the moment.


Grocon has been selected to build 1 Denison St.


That would be the same Grocon that was responsible for the deadly wall collapse in Melbourne?