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As I’ve said before and I’ll say again.

Sporting rights do help the success of a network, but they certainly aren’t always the main/only reason why a network is #1. Afterall, it’s worth remembering that Seven started to become a serious ratings challenger to Nine in the mid-2000s without any AFL or NRL rights.


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@WAtvVideos Just posted some new videos and two of them are ‘9 Gold’ Idents.

At first I thought ‘9 Gold’ was some type of exclusive box sets.

When I looked it up on Google, I saw that it was an Indian TV station.

What other ventures has NEC embarked on other than PRIME, the station in PNG and this ‘9 Gold’


EMTV was the station in PNG.

I seem to remember reading a story about Nine planning to own half of a US cable network to showcase Australian television, however I’m unsure if that ever eventuated.

Nine’s owner PBL also owned The Bulletin - a popular political magazine which closed in 2006.


PBL Media which included Nine and Australian Consolidated Press also published The Australian Women’s Weekly, Woman’s Day, TV Week, Cleo, Dolly, etc. and the ACP division has since been sold off to Bauer Media.

Consolidated Press (I’m not sure when the “Australian” was added to the name) also used to have radio interests such as 2UE in Sydney and 3AK in Melbourne.


Nine Posts $237m Half-Year Loss Due To Big TV Writedown & Falling Revenue

The trend of negative half-yearly results for the free-to-air TV networks continues, with Nine Entertainment (NEC) announcing a $236.9 million loss this morning.

Nine Entertainment swings to half-year loss as writedowns drag (paywall)

Nine Entertainment has swung to a half-year loss as it accepted a slashing writedown to its core free-to-air business and took a hit on its aborted output deal with Warner Bros.

In the six months to December 31, the media group (NEC) booked a loss of $237 million, a dramatic slide in fortunes from last year’s $320.8m profit.

Driving the red number was an $84.9m charge to extricate itself from an “onerous” Warner Bros contract and a $260m writedown of goodwill.

The media group’s revenue dipped 4.5 per cent to $659.2m amid a challenging advertising market, while its underlying earnings after tax — which remove the impact of impairments — weakened 4.3 per cent to $75m.


How do these networks keep running at a loss but stay in business? It is just a tax dodge?


Nine had more of a paper loss by writing off the value of their to licenses. Not a full cash loss.

But yes it does beg the question how do the make money?


Whilst seven nine and ten have all reported losses in the hundreds of millions of dollars - southern cross just reported a profit of $50m - and that is broadcasting to a population base half that of seven nine and ten

The trick to profits is simple in TV.

Be southern Cross and don’t do anything! Don’t produce tv. Don’t produce news. Don’t create promos. Don’t do your own marketing. Don’t run a website. Don’t run social media. Don’t invest in local programming. Don’t do local branding or IDs. Just have your parent network do it all - and you too will Be the most profitable TV station owner in Australia! Just like southern Cross!

Don’t feel too sorry for the “regional” networks


Southern Cross are paying Nine a much greater % share of their revenue than what Prime7 and WIN are paying their network partners, so I think it fair to expect Nine to do this for then.

And in relation to news, as we have seen, the regional bulletins that Nine are producing for them in return are not of the highest quality… even the NBN bulletins better them in some respects, and they have never been perceived as being a high standard either.


Nine was forced to write down the value of the company’s goodwill after intervention by ASIC. Seven’s loss a week earlier was also the result of an ASIC review.


Nine ASX announcement:

SMH article:


Apparently no production studio, much like Melbourne. Looks like Fox Studios will be happy.


CBD office?


Wait if there are no production studios, where are they going to be located?


Still small studios for news/today etc. but not on the footy show scale.


I’d imagine that any larger scale productions TCN currently hosts like The NRL Footy Show or the annual NSW Gold Telethon would most likely go to Fox Studios at Moore Park or another external site.

Obviously I’d expect news & current affairs programing to be produced from the new North Sydney studios.

#139 etc.


Are the new studios not going to have large scale capability?


I’m assuming same as GTV. Enough space for News & CAF + space for like the Sunday Footy Show. No big studios though.