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And they have three of the most polarising people on Nine front and centre on the advertisement.


For a second there I thought they were bringing back Mick Molloy’s old Nine show.


For anyone interested:




Nine Appoints Johnathan Fox As Director Of Effectiveness

Nine has hired Jonathan Fox in the newly created role of Director of Effectiveness, with a brief to prove the return on an advertiser’s investment when partnering with Nine and 9Powered.

Fox was most recently Head of Effectiveness at Ebiquity where he played a key role in the marketing and media consultancy’s landmark Payback Australia Study, which comprehensively examined the effectiveness of different media channels and unequivocally proved the power of television and premium online video for advertisers.

“We are tremendously excited about Jonathan’s appointment and we can’t wait for him to join Nine,” said Michael Stephenson, Nine’s Chief Sales Officer. “We are focused on developing big creative ideas and using our unique assets to create marketing platforms for brands.

“We now want to prove that the ideas we create deliver real returns for our partners and that you get a better return on your advertising dollar when you invest with Nine.

“We will work even more closely with our partners and use a range of econometric and attribution-based modelling tools to demonstrate the impact that their media is having in delivering real business outcomes. It’s another example of how Nine is innovating to meet the needs of our ever-changing market.”

Fox has been at Ebiquity for the past three and half years and prior to that he was an econometrician in the UK with marketing effectiveness agency Holmes & Cook.

“I’m immensely excited to be joining 9Powered and working with a team which has built a reputation for delivering powerful bespoke solutions to marketers,” said Fox. “There is a real opportunity for Nine to help marketers more clearly demonstrate the impact their media is having, in terms of return on investment.”

Fox will work within the 9Powered team and begin on October 29.


Nine announced at today’s upfronts that it would launch a new advertising platform for small and medium businesses next year.


I look forward to Nine announcing a ‘Director of Efficiency’ once/if the Fairfax merger is completed!


Two odd reminiscences of former Nine owner Kerry Packer in the past couple of weeks. Old friend Phillip Adams claims that elephant hunter Packer was morphed into an elephant conservationist by Adams and that Packer then wanted to import 24 of Idi Amin’s elephants into western Australia. Once here the elephants would be let free in the Kimberley to breed and flourish. Adams says he talked Packer out of the idea.

The other story is Mike Carlton’s claim that when he was watching the cricket on Channel 9 one weekend with Packer at the mogul’s Palm Beach holiday house, that Packer would pick up the phone and give directions as to bowling changes and field placements.

The elephant story sounds plausible, the cricket story really doesn’t and that story has already had its legitimately questioned.



The recipients of Nine-Screentime-Scripted Ink Hothouse drama program are Jacklyn Bassanelli, Jessica Brookman and Matt Ford.



Anyone know what market based programmers are actually for these days? With networks 99% taking networked programming approach.

I can only guess thinks like local productions that only air in that market (e.g.) Postcards or Carols?


Article says he was marketing manager as well


Nine was the biggest winner at last night’s Media i Awards in Sydney, claiming six awards including the National Sales Team of the Year.


From The Australian

Nine shares have jumped 5 per cent after the media group’s biggest shareholder, billionaire businessman Bruce Gordon, secured more shares, taking his stake to 13.36 per cent.

Mr Gordon had owned about 15 per cent of Nine before its $4.2 billion merger with Fairfax Media, but his shareholding was diluted because of the deal, which was completed on December 7.


Unlucky! :joy:


The Gordons have an increased voting share to 8.88%. The remainder remains in equity share swaps. Expect those to be progressively unwound then the equivalent number of shares bought up on market in due course.


Bruce Gordon forgot to declare to the market that he had a further 1.9% interest in Nine. It seems he forgot as they were Fairfax shares he owned that have since been converted to Nine shares. Gordon now owns 11.88% of Nine with a further 3.36% covered by cash settled swaps, so in total he has 15.24%.