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Nine Entertainment Co lodged a trademark application in 2015 for 9 Dots Form Square, which has been part of the Nine Network logo for over 40 years. Earlier this year Spotless Group lodged a statement opposing the Nine application. Nine opposed the Spotless 9 Discs In A Square logo in 2014 but then withdrew that opposition in 2016.



The Nine trademark application:


Why risk having their brand compromised by a separate company? And then for Spotless to oppose an element of Nine’s decades-old branding that they copied?


Yep, those logos are quite similar. Smaller dots for each line on Spotless’ version, but still.

Personally, I do wonder if Nine would’ve bothered doing this trademark application if Spotless Group didn’t sponsor the Sydney Showground Stadium at Homebush?


As a kid I thought that Spotless had some connection to Nine, like NBN and WIN.

I doubt it.


I find it ironic that Spotless’ logo has spots.


For Nine in 2019


No offence to Jessica, but can Nine find another young female blonde lead actress to front a drama please?

Australian dramas seem to be a revolving door of Rebecca Gibney, Jessica Marais and Asher Keddie, which gets so predictable after a while.


According to Colin’s article, Bad Mothers also stars Jessica Tovey (Home and Away, Wonderland, Wolf Creek), Mandy McElhinney (Love Child, Doctor Doctor) and Shalom Brune-Franklin (Doctor Doctor).


Jesus Christ, let’s just get a cast of the same Ch9 actors in a room and make a drama around that. Seriously?


What a horrid title “Bad Mothers”… is that really the best they could come up with ?

Not really an original idea, we’ve seen Good Girls, Desperate Housewives, Big Little Lies even Black Widows on SBS. I hope they execute it a lot better than it sounds.

I wonder if Nine even do screen tests to check on chemistry.

I am all for Female skewed drama, and would love this to succeed.



Why does the Honey logo look so much out of place here?


Possibly because the pole covers the 9 dots, but also because they used the variation with the circle backdrop which doesn’t align with the other logos.

For consistency they should probably use this for all marketing and promotions.



Plus sticking the word “Honey” inside a giant ball makes it 10. :wink:


Nine Entertainment Co has merged with Fairfax Media

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Nine is starting online surveys with 9Nation, seemingly copying Seven’s Open Mic.