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News Corp has decided to withdraw its papers from being independently audited, and will only rely on Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (EMMA) for readership numbers. I am not sure what advantage this will bring to the company, because EMMA figures can be unreliable as they are based on surveys.


Jonathan Moran re-reading some of his old stories.


Wendi Deng, one of the ex-wives of Rupert Murdoch, an alleged Chinese spy.


Nicole Sheffield is resigning as News Corp chief digital officer. She has worked on LifeStyle Channel and NewsLifeMedia before she was promoted to her current role in March 2017.


Not sure if it has been mentioned but it looks like @blackbox is now working for Newscorp.


News Corp launched a new nationwide campaign called “We’re for You” today, with all metro and regional papers involved. For the campaign launch, the editor of each regional and metro title has written their own letter to readers, which appears on page 2 and 3 of metro titles like the Herald Sun and The Daily Telegraph. A new TV ad also debuted last night.

Meanwhile, The Sunday Mail Brisbane has scrapped Stellar magazine to bring back U magazine as part of the paper’s relaunch last week. Stellar will continue to be inserted into Sunday Herald Sun and The Sunday Telegraph each week.


News Corp has restructured its News Prestige Network, which now sees The Australian in the same grouping as Vogue Australia, Vogue Living and GQ. The division will be run by The Australian’s current CEO Nicholas Gray.

I don’t know of any other newspapers in the world being described a “prestige” paper. Is The Australian in the same class as The Times of London? The New York Times? The Washington Post?

SBS director of media sales Andrew Cook, who is leaving the broadcaster in March, is joining News Corp as as general manager of advertising for News Prestige Network.


I personally would’ve thought that The Sydney Morning Herald and The Canberra Times are more comparable to The New York Times and The Washington Post respectively.


Yesterday’s “Daily Telegraph” printed the f***wit word uncensored on Page 2.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.
Wonder if they’ll get a lot of complaints over that?


News Corp today launched a news website for children and teachers, Kids News. Kids News will source content from News Corp’s mastheads as well as regional titles. The website is isolated, so it does not link to outside news sources, meaning students can use it safely in a supervised or unsupervised environment or for independent learning.


Clicking on the HP display ads takes you to a HP education site, scroll down that page and clicking on the icons for Facebook and Twitter takes you out to HP’s social media and it’s easy to then go to the front page of Twitter and see news links. HP is a sponsor of the website so of course they are going to have links to their own site.


Great…more sponsored crap for kids masquerading as an educational “tool”.


I suppose they realised throwing bundles of free newscorp mastheads at schools wasn’t going to cut it in 2018.
Do they still put a kids section in the papers?


I’m pretty sure The Daily Telegraph still has their long running two page “Class Mate” section in the paper on Tuesdays.


Do they still run the teacher’s subscription discount for News Corp papers?


I’m sure the Herald Sun is still doing Corinella on Saturdays it’s only been going about 90 years


Yes, but only at the start of the year - there’s a digital only version, weekday delivery plus digital and full seven day sub plus digital. I usually got the $25 teacher’s digital subscription, but ditched it as I get one for free as a Sydney Kings member.


Herald Sun ended Corinella in May 2013.


really?? ooh no.


theres also a cheap student subscription they do for the local newspaper combined with the australian. it was something like $40 for the year and was marketed to business students