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Ha… I always thought that was just the deign of the couch. Looks a lot better… although I’m still not a fan of that coffee table.


Tony Armstrong is coming out of retirement to play for a local Victorian football club. He hopes to be able to juggle his football comeback with his many other media commitments.


Maybe they’ll be forced to get someone on their team who actually commits and isn’t awol every few weeks like the rest of the presenters.

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No way! Why ruin the consistency of the inconsistency? Lol it’s what News Breakfast is known for. Lucky dip. Who’s turned up to work today?


Thursday 16 June -

Stephanie Ferrier is hosting with Lisa this morning.


I wonder how long Tony Armstrong will stay at ABC. He would make a great recruit for any of the commercials for their various sports covered or even SBS.


Weekend Sunrise sport and filling in on Sunrise and 7News.

Friday 17 June -

Madeleine Morris is hosting with Stephanie Ferrier this morning.

Catherine Murphy is presenting sport this morning.


David Speers was in studio this morning though Madeleine Morris conducted the interview with the PM.

David Speers always appears on a Friday morning for a segment talking politics and previewing what’s coming up on Insiders on Sunday morning.
Madeleine was the host this morning so she should conduct all the interviews.


Just out of interest to the regular members who watch this program, does the constant changing faces impact or bother you in any way? This week alone there’s been five different presenters. It’s just so messy. Does it impact your viewing? Don’t you think a consistent regular team would help improve ratings?

Depends on the quality / competence of the replacement. I think it does impact the ratings, as News Breakfast’s numbers seem to fluctuate more than the commercials do. Yesterday’s show was down by 20k on the previous one.

I think there’s also a factor that people turn to NB when there’s a major news story happening.

For the most part, I think the core NB audience is pretty ambivalent on who is presenting - they’re wedded to harder news and the non trashy and sensationalist alternative that it provides.

For me personally, I just can’t deal with what I perceive is overacting and OTT warmth/smiling from Lisa. Not everything needs a little joke or comment. Madeline Morris would have been a better successor to Trioli.

Not really. Only dip in for 20-30 mins a few times throughout the week. It’s the content not who delivers that makes the difference for me. I find the regular fill ins have a good rapport with the regular presenters and guests on the show.

Thay said, I did enjoy when Ali Moore was the regular last minute go to but I dont think she’s been used for several years now.


Monday 20 June-

Iskhandar Razak is hosting with Stephanie Ferrier.

Michael Rennie is presenting sport from on the Gold Coast this morning.


Tuesday 21 June -

Lisa and Logie winner Tony are back on the show this morning.


Cake and balloons for Tony


Gail WArnings also appeared on this morning’s show.


Tony on The Weekly on Wednesday.

Then on The Project yesterday


Michael Rowland will be returning on Monday after two weeks away.