News Breakfast



Rachel Pupazzoni has been filling in for Del Irani whilst she is working on other ABC projects.


Virginia is co-hosting from Adelaide this Friday ahead of tomorrow’s election. Michael is holding the fort solo in the studio.

It is good that Michael and Virginia share and alternate election coverage.


Mary Gearin is co-hosting with Michael this Thursday and Friday.


Virginia was off sick this morning.


Bucking the trend.


If only there was more lift in the show…

It just feels like a show that public servants would watch…


Ali Moore co-hosting with Michael this morning.

Virginia is hosting 7.30 tonight


I think you mean it feels like a show people with more than half a brain watch.


Weather on location


Good Friday

Georgie Tunny co-hosting (her first time in the host chair) with Michael this morning.


Sport presenters this week:

Monday- Paul was live in Melbourne covering the cricket scandal. Georgie Tunny presented the rest of the sports news.
Tuesday-Thursday- Georgie Tunny presented sport.
Friday- With Georgie co-hosting with Michael, they both are reading sport in addition to hosting.


Georgie Tunny presenting sport also on Easter Monday.
Paul Kennedy was on the show this morning talking about his documentary special on the cricket scandal ‘Caught 0ut’ which airs on ABC tonight at 7.30pm.


Jeremy Fernandez co-hosting with Virginia from Tuesday - Friday this week.


Deb Knight can work 26 hours a day at 9 for weeks at a time, but anytime a News Breakfast presenter picks up another shift, they bring in a fill in for them. No consistency on the show, can’t recall last time the whole team was on together for a long stretch.





I don’t think it qualifies. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It really is becoming a roundabout rotation of presenters.


Streaming blackouts during Comm Games