News Breakfast


Special edition with Virginia at Flinders Street in Melbourne this morning.


Michael is on holidays from next week.

Paul Kennedy will be hosting with Virginia next week.
News Breakfast starting at 7am next week.


The very silly season :santa:


Virginia co-hosting with Paul Kennedy this week.

Nate returned from holidays this morning and is presenting the weather from Sydney this week.


Very casual look… I like it.

Good to Nate in Sydney presenting the weather on location.


Paul Kennedy and Ali Moore co-hosting on Friday.


Virginia started her holidays today with Ali filling in for her for three weeks.

Nate is now back on holidays after presenting from Sydney this week.

Scott Rollinson presenting sport this week and also next week.


Kirsten Diprose presenting the weather this week.


Paul Kennedy co-hosting with Ali Moore, Georgie Tunny presenting sport and Kirsten Diprose presenting weather this week.


Same team again this week

Del Irani is returning to presenting finance at the end of this month.


Please get this show a new set!!


The fact that they apparently did a 60 million dollar upgrade last year and didn’t introduce HD or a new set is beyond my knowledge…


Virginia, Michael and Nate are back from holidays tomorrow morning.


We’ll see how long that will last, with one of them probably being away from day 2


Georgie Tunny presenting sport again this week. Del Irani returned this morning.


Del co-hosted with Michael this morning.

Georgie Tunny still presenting sport this week


Holy shit you couldn’t have been any more right there!

When was the last time News Breakfast had the regular team there for an extended period. It’s gotten to Weekend Today levels!

To any random Joe Public who’d switch it on from time to time, it would look like Del Is the regular co-host and Georgie is the regular sport presenter.


We are only 11 days in and I can’t just comprehend the need for one of them to be away. If they can’t commit then they really need to evaluate if they want to be there still.


Georgie Tunny is presenting sport again this week.

Del Irani is co-hosting with Michael on Thursday.


Del co-hosting with Virginia this morning.