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Wednesday ( 05.06.2024):

Stephanie Ferrier is presenting weather on Wednesday and Emma Rebellato back filling in on weather from Thursday.


Wow, this part of the forum is pretty, pretty quiet.

Is it just me over has Lisa had a few too many coffees during her shift lately?
She’s been overly effusive about everything.

JJJ song … amazing
Matildas … amazing
Weather … amazing
Kid that blows up balloons, incredible
interview with some unknown … amazing
Any topic … amazing (apart from Israel)

I have to admit I do like the occasional harmless derogatory comment about something clearly ridiculous on the commercial channels. Not everything has to be amazing.

On another note, it’s absurd they ask the presenters to pretend they are familiar with the jjj songs they’re promoting, and then have them announce how great they are. I listen to jjj semi-regularly and I wouldn’t have a clue about most of them. I get it if the presenters were in their 20’s, but it just doesn’t fly for middle age/elderly journalists to act like they know how great or not the artist(s) is/are.

I think a previous member posted that the show is definitely due for a refresh. I agree. The presentation is looking quite stayed and dated. Same old formula and set.

I know they have a limited budget, but that doesn’t mean a great creative couldn’t work within it bring it into the 2020-2021’s.

It’s been feeling a bit same same for a quite a few years now.

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Bring back Virginia


Miss that gal.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being positive.

They play the music. The presenters listen and say, ‘That sounds good.’ I don’t get the impression that the music is already in their playlists, but might be.

Good lord. I know a lot of you are very young – but this is getting a bit absurd.

As we get older, we have families, health issues and a myriad of other things that get in the ‘way of life’, including our jobs.

I’d love it if everyone would stop and think for a second about what they’re saying about presenters on TV. This isn’t the Daily Mail – wild speculation and. ageist comments add nothing to the conversation. This applies to all thread, not just this one.

A woman in her mid-fifties is not elderly.


Genuinely, what course of action would you recommend to fix this. Should Lisa’s managers sit her down and say “we need you to be less positive about everything”?

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Yeah. How dare people be enthusiastic and positive in the morning? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Monday (10.06.2024):

Emma Rebellato is presenting sport. No dedicated weather presenter today.

Tuesday (11.06.2024): Catherine Murphy presenting sport and Emma Rebellato on weather.

Wednesday (12.06.2024): Emma Rebellato and James Glenday are hosting today, with Lisa now on assignment. Stephanie Ferrier is presenting the weather. No dedicated sport presenter this morning.

Thursday (13.06.2024) - Friday (14.06.2024): Bridget Brennan and James Glenday are hosting. Emma Rebellato is presenting the weather and Charles Brice is back on sport.


Michael Rowland as the fire warden on this week’s Spicks and Specks.


Monday (17.06.2024): Michael is back today after two weeks. He is co-hosting with Bridget Brennan, with Lisa still on assignment. Emma Rebellato presenting the weather and Charles Brice still on sport.


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