News Breakfast

Monday (22.05.2023) - Wednesday (24.05.2023): Catherine Murphy on sport.
Thursday (25.05.2023)- Friday (26.05.2023): Madeleine Morris co-hosting with Lisa. Catherine Murphy still doing sport.

Monday (29.05.2023): Madeleine Morris co-hosting with Lisa from this week. Emma Rebellato on sport.


Michael Rowland is apparently taking a long break from the show and will be back at the end of June.


And what a crock of shit the announcement was.

Thanking everyone, the audience and team members etc. Making it sound permanent when he is back in 6 weeks.

Why do that?

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Annual leave or Long Service, give us the facts MR not the cryptic bullshit. It’s like he was wanting to fuel the fire.

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News Breakfast started to phase out News Corp and Nine journalists for the daily paper review segment over a year ago now. With the ABC’s criticism of their coverage on matters concerning the network, I think they don’t use any of those journalists now. Instead, they have been opting for community leaders in a range of fields.

One recent addition to the rotation is infectious diseases expert Sanjaya Senanayake. He was on today. Every time, he looks uncomfortable expressing his opinion on matters not concerning health matters. Quite a few times he has said, “I’m not an expert on this…” or he tries to skew the story to a health context. I don’t know- not having journalists on has turned this more into a hot topics segment than a paper ‘review’ segment. Perhaps they should just drop the segment entirely?