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So by the time Lisa comes back, her and Michael will not have been on-air together for 6 weeks? That’s a long time to have your main hosts separated.


This is just how Breakfast does it, every shcmo gets a go.

ABC Melbourne doesn’t give a rats about consistency. You just have to look at the presenters thread for the 7pm news every night. It’s like 3 different people a week.

I prefer it to their absence overlapping. Particularly with Madeleine off, none of the fill-ins are really strong enough to carry the show. Maybe Isk.

On Friday, Lisa said, “With Michael back, I’m going to take my break.” So, I think they are more conscious of it than they used to be.


Just as long as it’s not Shco Mo. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Wednesday 27 July -

Annie Kearney is presenting sport this morning.


Not too sure about the woman co-hosting with Michael this morning (I don’t know her name as I don’t usually watch News Breakfast). She has an incredibly intense presenting style.

It would’ve been Catherine Murphy I believe.

Next week -

Nour Haydar presenting with Michael. Nadia Daly on finance.

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Nour Haydar will be hosting with Michael for two weeks starting from Monday 8 August.


Would love someone to do a count of how many days a year this show has its full regular cast.


Thursday 4 August

Iskhandar Razak is hosting with Catherine Murphy this morning.


A chat with Emma Thompson? (Her latest movie Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, will be released in Australia on August 18)

Tony Armstrong is on the front cover of Stellar magazine this Sunday.


Friday 5 August

Michael is co-hosting from Sydney with Ashlynne McGhee and Catherine Murphy in the Melbourne studio.
Michael is in Sydney for his interview with actress Emma Thompson which is on today’s show.
*Catherine is also presenting sport with Tony absent.

Nate appeared on The Project last night.


Is that Georgie Tunny?

Yes it is Georgie Tunny former ABC reporter/fill in presenter on News Breakfast.


The Project is becoming News Breakfast these days.

10 has usually leaned on ABC presenters unlike its commercial counterparts, it’s nice to see them given opportunities to work across different day parts, shows and on other networks.

Georgie is no longer with ABC and presents news updates for Flash News. Tony Armstrong is a regular guest presenter on the desk and a great addition, Nate appears from time to time.

An ABC alum interviewing current ABC talent, pretty cool.

A bit odd to have Michael hosting from what looked to be the lobby at Ultimo. Give him a sleep-in or find him a Sydney co-host I say.

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