Newcastle - Survey 1, 2018

KO maintains its #1 position with a 16.8% share, up 3.2% from last survey. Hit 106.9 also went up by 3.4% to a 16.1% share. JJJ was 3rd with a 12.2% share, followed by New FM with 9.4%, 2HD with 8.7% & 1233 ABC with 8.6%, who fell down 4.5% from the previous survey.

The “Other Stations” account for 21.9% of listeners surveyed, down from 26.7% in the previous survey.


Again as in every Newcastle survey SCA dominant once more, interesting that New FM went up a little with 2HD falling but overall Tanya and Steve still dominant in breakfast with Nick Jess Simon on Hit getting a handy boost. Sydney’s Triple J #1FM in the Evenings, ???

Thanks for this calculation, most interesting as always in Newcastle.

2HD again showing they need to fix their shifts (including the afternoon and drive disasters). Laws and Gilbert by far the successes despite big switch off in the 55 & 65+ groups (2NUR spinning it’s to them?). Laws may have maintained the #1 spot if he’d been delivered a better breakfast audience.

The SCA 2 station total is close to 33%. They’ll crow about it. We have the history ‘books’ right here that show the 2 station total used to be over 40%.

ABC also need to pull their socks up. Their content is poor, doesn’t reach the audience it could as it’s far too niche. More wide appeal stories needed.


And kudos to Triple J - 12.2 is their best showing ever here.


Indeed @HUFF, well done.

The commercial mindset should be that if the ABC is doing well, commercials need to lift their game as clearly the ABC is filling the gap of market failure.

Who would be the best owner to provide competition to SCA in Newcastle?

Forget Bill’s network, simply consider that you could choose an operator for just HD/NEW, who would you choose? Would it be Australian or an overseas operator?

Only the first survey, however another interesting battle is in evenings.

‘Young’ Gun Steven Cenatiempo against Old Girl, Graham Gilbert.

Graham still #1, Stephen with a third of the share to make up to level with him.

Be interesting to see the result by survey 3.

It would be interesting to see a breakdown of the KO Evening slot, as it’s covered by both “Greatest Years in Music” and Cenatiempo’s program.


Interesting to see (as I said it would) that Kennedy Molloy rates lower than Hughsy and Kate because it isn’t live.

Their only reasoning for it is to put their own music into the program, so listeners can’t ring in and participate with the program. Yet BRock Fm has it live.

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It’s the B Rock ‘special’.

SCA’s continued diligence (some may say desperation) to close the the deal with Ron and Stephanie, “anything we can do for you Ron…”

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