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TVNZ to launch new male-skewed entertainment channel

TVNZ has announced plans to launch a male-skewing entertainment channel for New Zealand viewers in coming months. The new channel will be live streamed online and broadcast free to air.

TVNZ Chief Executive Kevin Kenrick says: “We’re committed to giving New Zealanders more of the content they want to watch, how they want to view it. The new channel will feature an international slate of top drama, sport, comedy, factual titles and movies and be available to view across TV, desktop and mobile screens.”

The new channel’s development has been informed by market insights that indicate male viewers are seeking more distinctive content. It also builds on recent experience from TVNZ’s pop up channel, which was introduced in the middle of last year, says Mr Kenrick.

“There’s been a resounding viewer response to the return of free to air sport and we think the time is right to up the ante, expand our content offering and take the channel from pop up to permanent.”

He says the new channel reflects TVNZ’s strategy to make compelling content available wherever viewers want to see it.
“Viewers aren’t hung up about whether they’re watching on TV or mobile, at home or on the go. So we’re making it available across a broad range of devices, screens and platforms simultaneously. This will take live streaming further than any other local channel,” he says.

The new channel will be ad-funded. “We know advertisers are seeking commercial solutions that address audience fragmentation and embrace viewers’ multi-screening behaviour. We’re developing an integrated media buy across on air and online that makes it easier to connect with audiences.”

TVNZ will provide more detail on the new channel, including its name, confirmed content line-up and planned launch date in future updates.

Reminds me of 7mate and ONE in Australia. Male-skewed programming with a mix of sport in primetime. Wish 9 launched a male-skewed channel too rather than 9Life.

You’d expect there would be blocks of Family Guy reruns and Simpsons reruns, having just nabbed the rights to those. I saw a report saying that it would be on Sky too, which is interesting.

###Our First Home

From 14 February - airs Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, 7.30pm on TV ONE.


Our First Home returns to TV ONE on 14 February for a second season, with three new families putting everything on the line to help their children onto the property ladder.

The multi-night reality series will once again see the family teams purchase and renovate a potentially profitable do-up, then for eight weeks, they will renovate in a bid to add the most value to their property at auction.

But this year, there’s a twist - the kids are in charge! While it’s the bank of mum and dad that gets them into the house, all the key decisions of the renovation will be made by the younger generation.

It’s not just the hard work the families will have to contend with. There’s also the business of living together under the same roof, the navigation of family dynamics and power struggles as the parents loosen the reins and learn to let the kids take control. But no matter who’s meant to be in charge, when it comes to matters of taste, design, style - everyone has an opinion.

The Roughan (Gore/Wellington), Pearce (Tauranga) and Wotton (Auckland/Hamilton/Tauranga) families will face a steep learning curve as they embark on a renovation project like never before.
But with far less DIY experience between them than their season one counterparts, how will they cope with life on a building site?

Each family could have a secret weapon: Steph Roughan the architecture graduate; Grant Pearce the builder; and Henry Wotton the tiler, could all face added pressure as the only contestants with any type of building know-how.

All three homes will go under the hammer at auction – with each family keeping whatever money they make over the reserve price. Whichever family makes the most profit percentage gain on original purchase will win an additional $100,000 for their kids’ first house deposit.

Last year all three families won big on the show, with the winning Schreuder family walking away with a staggering $290,400. But as we all know – anything can happen at auction!

L-R: The Roughan, Pearce and Wotton families.

Details of each family member provided below.
Stephanie Roughan (24) Wellington, Daughter
Samuel Gifford (29) Wellington, Boyfriend
Lyn Roughan (58) Gore, Mum
Patrick Roughan (60) Gore, Dad

Atareta Wirihana (25) Tauranga, Daughter
Tawera Sydney (23) Tauranga, Boyfriend
Grant Pearce (53) Tauranga, Dad
Janette Hamilton-Pearce (45) Tauranga, Mum

Rebecca Wotton (25) Daughter, Auckland
Josh Tingey (25) Son, Auckland
Theresa Tingey (55) Tauranga, Josh’s Mum
Henry Wotton (54) Hamilton, Rebecca’s Dad

So was One News moving to there newsroom just a long winded sharn?

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i thought they were meant to also launch a BBC style newsroom set but no word yet. i tried finding the press release no luck sorry ,

###Dirt Laundry Cast Announced

Veteran stage and screen actress Jennifer Ward-Lealand will star as money-laundering matriarch Donna Rafferty in Dirty Laundry – TV ONE’s new drama series which went into production last week.

Created by award-winning writers Rachel Lang and Gavin Strawhan and funded by NZ On Air, Dirty Laundry follows Donna (Ward-Lealand) and the Rafferty family: daughter Kat (Tai Berdinner-Blades, Go Girls), son Matt (Tim Carlsen, Field Punishment No. 1) and daughter Bianca (newcomer Victoria MacCulloch).

Donna has been channelling ill-gotten gains through various businesses for years, but when the police cart her off to the slammer, the revelation that mum’s a doyenne of crime comes as a complete shock to her family. But how else was Donna supposed to keep a family running in this day and age?

The Raffertys now have to fend for themselves and face the possibility that they can’t actually afford their middle class lifestyle.

The core cast is joined by a raft of acting talent including: Robbie Magasiva (Wentworth, Shortland Street, Sione’s Wedding), David Van Horn (Sione’s Wedding), Rachael Blampied (The White Mouse, Venus and Mars), Pana Hema Taylor (Boy, Spartacus), Heto Ah Hi (Sione’s Wedding), Ilona Rogers (Shortland Street, Gloss) and newcomer George Ferrier.

Ward-Lealand says of being cast in the series: “I’m absolutely loving working on Dirty Laundry. It has a great cast, terrific writing, a super production team and the opportunity to go on an interesting character journey - what more can an actor ask for? I can’t wait to see how things develop as we learn more about Donna’s very complicated family life. I’m pretty sure there are some surprises in store!"

The series’ producer, Britta Hawkins (Go Girls, Nothing Trivial) says: “I couldn’t be more excited to bring the work of this phenomenal cast and crew to Kiwi screens. It’s a joy to watch the Rafferty family coming to life and navigating the minefield of Donna’s unfolding secrets."

Dirty Laundry will air on TV ONE later in 2016 and is funded by NZ On Air.

It is produced by Filthy Productions Ltd, who are also behind TV2’s upcoming multi-night drama series, Filthy Rich.

Prime TV to get new look in 2016
A brand new logo and design brings a new more exciting look and feel to Prime for 2016, alongside this new look from Prime comes [Closed Captioning via Able]

Tomorrow, there will be a brand new look for Prime with captioning for the deaf and hearing impaired (thanks to Able & NZ On Air), HD content and a new channel rebrand. The first captioned programme will be a new episode of University Challenge, which screens tomorrow at 7pm.


Also Here is the last Bulletin before the launch of the new logo

Also here is a good look at the new logo.

Not really a fan of that logo. It’s easily mockable. I guess I’ll have a full opinion tomorrow when the channel relaunches.

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put together a terrible logo, take elements of tv one 2 and 3s brand and get a still awfully branded tv channel.

Sky Sports NZ still using this intro for their cricket coverage from at least 2008

Also, that Sky logo is looking a bit dated. Badly needs a refresh

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i think that Sky Sport needs an update i do like the sonic branding they use, the Sky logo has been tweaked since then but the body is still the same.

The original logo

2015/16 logo

The new look Prime News is actually a joke. The logo looks like it could be used on a children’s television channel - it doesn’t look serious at all. Absolutely no authority with a big, chubby logo. The daytime orange hues and that purple look hideous. I would much prefer blue accents and bold fonts over this. It’s laughable :joy:

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The gfx arent too bad, the logo is awful but Prime is awful in general. The voiceover sounds like some 16year old dude who just hit puberty. Terrible.


Yeah :joy::joy:

First look: New Zealand’s newest online and free to view entertainment destination

New Zealand’s newest content offering will be live-streamed online and free to view on Freeview and on SKY from March 20.

Watch video

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Bernadine Oliver-Kerby has been removed as weekend co-presenter of One News.



Been wondering that the past few weeks. Would rather Pete went back to Breakfast five days and Bernie stay on weekends. Seems silly having one presenter on the flagship bulletins. Hope this isnt a sign of 12years ago coming back.

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It’s sad to see Bernie wasn’t given a proper farewell from the network. Mediaworks should try poach her!

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Five years on from the Febuary Christchurch Earthquake i feel it is only approprate to post on here 's mega montage of the initial breaking news coverage.

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