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is Renee Wright still working for as TVNZ 1 voice? generally she voices the show cards “tonight on 1 —-“ but recently it’s a generic voice over “have a wonderful evening on one”

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Not sure but I know Hamish Denton who has been the corporate voice for TVNZ 2 and others has not long finished up

TVNZ2 closedown slide that seems to be airing overnight when they have a block of airtime to fill. Has previously been filled with music until last week and before that, this: New Zealand TV - #1340 by OnAir


Had a quick flick through the Three ratecards this morning. Looks like the expected has come true - more Discovery reruns in the AM slot from the 8th

Meanwhile weeknights stay more or less the same with the new Stuff deal, while on the weekends the family movie now airs half an hour earlier. David Lomas also moves into a new Sunday 6:30pm slot, which seems a bit of a gamble imo.



Season 2 of Taskmaster Australia premieres on TVNZ 2 next Wednesday (June 19) at 8.35pm, after MasterChef Australia. Each episode will be shown four weeks after Australia.

It is actually the third filmed season, featuring Anne Edmonds and partner Lloyd Langford, as well as Josh Thomas, Jenny Tian and Wil Anderson.

Australian promo

On the same night, on TVNZ 1, is the debut of 4-part travel series Bill Bailey’s Wild West Australia at 8.30pm.

Comedian and musician Bill Bailey takes a trip across Western Australia’s far south, encountering a plethora of true-blue Aussie locals, animals and landscapes. Follow him as he visits the best beach in the world, scales the spectacular trees of the Valley of the Giants, paddleboards in near zero degree waters of the Southern Ocean with a former NBA star, does burnouts in a tugboat, and attempts to start a secessionist movement.


Also coming to TVNZ 1 is that American legal drama Elisabeth which is expected to air on Tuesdays at 8.30. Elisabeth Tasconi is a quirky lawyer who first appeared on The Good Wife which aired several seasons on Three. After couple of seasons on Bravo of The Bachelor Australia returns to its old network which is TVNZ 2 airing overnight Tuesday at 2.25am

Rates incredibly well, especially by Three’s standards. Last figure I saw from the latest season was over 300,000.


Not sure if autocorrect or something, but the show is called Elsbeth.

The character being Elsbeth Tascioni.

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