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Bout the only ad that still has a mention of the yellow pages? What about that lifeline ad? I see that once or twice a year late at night on tv 3 or 2?


Pretty sure that’s still on air, but not on TVNZ channels.

It’s almost Three’s equivalent of goodnight kiwi, before they clock off for the night with infomercials.


And Rhys Darby has been announced as one of the guessing panellists on the show.


Was interesting to see Hillbilly Child (TVNZ 1’s Country Calendar theme song) used in Three’s latest TVC for New Zealand Today

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TVNZ has acquired 6-part mini-series Secret Bridesmaids’ Business, which was produced by Seven and debuted in September 2019. The entire series will stream on TVNZ website on May 14.

Another mediaworks radio personality for the masked singer.

And here was me thinking the alliance/cross promotion between the once together TV & radio business would end when they flicked Three off. That being said, I am now assuming Mediaworks personalities will make up a good chunk of the masked singer and dancing with the stars cast this year.


You’d have thought TVNZ would have looked at the UK reaction to the BBC simulcasting news of the Duke of Edinburgh’s death and realised showing the same programme on two channels wasn’t going to go down well.

Interesting to see a couple of mentions about advertising restrictions on Sunday Mornings and Good Friday - can anyone elaborate on those?

I’d be looking at one of their news presenters for DWTS co-host over Sharyn… either Amanda Gillies or Sam Hayes.

Did you realise that Sky’s free-to-air channel, Prime, is now airing Brand Developers/TV Shop infomercials for two hours after closedown each night?

Filming has wrapped on Under the Vines, as well as season 2 of One Lane Bridge.

Interesting that they are airing infomercials again. They must really need the revenue.

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You’re right, @Leotv. However, infomercials cannot be shown in the early hours of Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Christmas Day. This is due to the Broadcasting Act 1989 which states that advertising must not be screened on New Zealand television on those days.

New season of Big Brother Australia is set to move from Three to TVNZ with subsequent episodes fast tracked. The first 4 episodes will be released May 4th OnDemand.


You poor bastards. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

With the intros of the first 20 housemates omitted from the actual TV broadcast, hope that TVNZ will post the videos on its website so Kiwi fans won’t be forced to go to 7plus.

we cant get 7plus in NZ

So is it possible to visit the 7plus website in NZ without a VPN?

Here are the profiles of the first 20 housemates for the new season of BB.

The Masked Singer NZ premieres on Three this Sunday (May 9) and will air on Sunday and Monday nights. Aside from Rhys Darby, the other judges are The Edge afternoons co-host Sharyn Casey, hip-hop artist Ladi6 and comedian James Roque.

I wonder why Urzila Carlson was not asked? She was a judge on the last season of The Masked Singer Australia.

Probably has to do with her being on Have You Been Paying Attention? and TVNZ.

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