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James Coleman’s First at 5am show on RadioLIVE has been cancelled.


And in its place?


Always liked Coleman (dating back to C4 days when I first really saw him). I’m guessing they may just extend talkback for an hour?


Newsroom’s weekly column reports Wendyl Nissen is leaving and Sainsbury hanging by a thread.


Hurrah! Wendyl Nissen’s show has never made sense to me.


RadioLIVE’s Wendyl Nissen today confirmed on air that she was leaving the network, citing family circumstances for her reasoning behind leaving Mediaworks.

Also, Lisa Owen - RadioLIVE Drive co-host - has just wrapped up her final show on air. Tomorrow is her final Newshub Nation broadcast before joining RNZ’s Checkpoint programme next month.

Loads of changes at RadioLIVE it appears. Earlier this month James Coleman was fired and his First@Five show on RadioLIVE was axed for extended hour of overnight talkback.


Interesting that Wendyl is leaving. She was able to do her show from home most of the time but I guess that doesn’t solve everything.

I see that Roman Travers has been filling in on the 5-6 slot, was this just a temporary measure?

I wonder how much longer Mediaworks will keep persisting with Live in this format.


Roman was only filling in I believe until the show was dropped. I personally really enjoyed Leah Panapa in that 5-6am slot.


Leah is a great broadcaster. A shame she was dropped by The Sound.


Radio Live expected to cease broadcasting (and merge with Magic).


Thoughts are with those whose jobs are on the line.

RadioLIVE never really hit well did it?


That is bad news… it’s never good when a “voice” is lost not to mention jobs,

RadioLIVE was a worthy attempt to take on NewsTalkZB but my observation was it could never crack the market despite some good programming.

The Magic Talk proposal is interesting although I can’t see how it flow across the day with “The AM Show”, “Drive” and “NewsHub Live at 6” remaining while I assume the other shifts will play music. I suspect this might be a transitional move with more cuts to talk planned.


Sad news indeed for all concerned. I was expecting a re-brand to align it more with Newshub but nothing this drastic.

You can’t say Mediaworks didn’t give it a real go with Radio Live. I always thought it was the better option compared to ZB but sadly the bulk of the audience thought otherwise.


Memo to Macquarie Radio!


Radio Live is set to merge with Magic network in 2019, and to be rebranded as Magic Talk.
I’m not sure how I feel…

Newshub (including The Project NZ)

Magic Talk phfft… Sounds like a radio station for 5-year old kids. Pathetic, I wouldn’t be supprised if listener rates go down


They’re already low, hence why they’ve made the decision.

I do wonder how it’ll work though.

Thoughts with those at RadioLive. Lot of good people there.


This article suggests that there’ll still be two stations, yet run by the one team.

“The merged entity will operate a music station and a talk station, and the talk station will be run by the music radio side of our business.”


Magic remains a 24 hour music station, while Magic Talk is essentially a breakout station for the AM Show/Drive/Newshub and otherwise takes a feed of the music?