New Zealand Radio


The 8.9 rating was a bit of an anomaly


In Canterbury Mai FM and The Edge swapped frequencies last year. Previously it was 88.9FM which now belongs to the Edge. So if you don’t have a band expander in your car 88.9 is your only major option. Probably not the only reason for the drop but could be part of the reason.


More is on the slide in Chch without Si and Gary.


Gary is still there, Simon has been away dealing with his wife’s illness (and of course is leaving at the end of the year).


The Rock has a new logo.


I definitely think the old one was dated and in need of an upgrade but I think the new one is lacking character for what is a brand full of it.


That’s just a font.


Yep. It’s lost any sort of ‘fun’. Far too corporate.


Looks boring :-1:


Any truth to the suggestion Mediaworks is waving the white flag in Auckland with Radio Live and putting Magic on their FM frequency? Live would return (?) to 702 AM is what I’ve heard.

Newshub (including The Project NZ)

If that’s the case, then Auckland would have all its commercial music stations on the FM band. I wonder if they’ll do the same in Wellington & Christchurch, where Magic also broadcasts on the AM band?

With that in mind, it would be very interesting for NZ’s largest city to have a real oldies station on FM, something that the biggest Australian cities don’t have, not even in Sydney & Melbourne, where the latter doesn’t even have an oldies station either on FM or AM! :open_mouth:


I think they believe (if my info is right), that they can really target the years Coast has abandoned largely (60-70s certainly less prominent and nothing earlier).


Coast is trying to target the breeze market imo but feel there on air sweepers are very dated.
Do people want to hear music primarily from just the 50s - 60s which is what magics format has been targeting & what Coast started playing when they started in the early 2000s.
Yes if magic does go fm in auckland I do hope that that they go soft 60s - 80s


Radio Live needs a total relaunch imo
Seriously in 13 years it hasn’t got anywhere like the ratings that news talk ZB has.
Imo radio live should target RNZ National s format
But With talk music that’s contemporary/ indie
Maybe it could work maybe not
RNZ Concert would be great if they could relaunch as
RNZ Music & play a wider variety indie/ jazz/ classical
Contemporary like CBC Music in Canada


Agree with you on RNZ Classic. It’s too niche, even if RNZ is trying to target audiences not catered for by commercial radio. There’s a spot in the market for a wider range of music.


It could be a use for the unused national frequencies (1.6 MHz above National) that were set aside for youth radio, rather than ditching Concert (They’ve fiercely loyal listeners who are quite resistant to change).


That’s fine, but there’s not that many of them. At some point it becomes a money-hole.


As someone who works for RadioLIVE I understand that there are no plans for RadioLIVE to move from 100.6 fm in Auckland at this stage for the foreseeable future.


Will there be a relaunch any time soon for Radio Live ? I agree with Blondie73… it’s long overdue. Is renaming it Newshub Radio still on the cards?


In terms of a relaunch what are you all expecting? (I haven’t heard anything, but helps to know what some of the audience want)

I can confirm that the name change is still on the books but the date is still to be determined.


Nice! I’m mainly talking about a rebrand. Is the name Newshub Radio still the plan?