New Zealand Radio


I really used to love Mix when it launched in 2014. The music was incredibly varied across the 80’s & 90’s and not too much repetition. Eventually the playlist started becoming as narrow as any other station and then before Christmas last year they added 70’s music. This also included a shift into a more classic rock format obviously to rival the sound.


GFK RATINGS, SURVEY 4 2017 (2 July - 8 November)


  1. Newstalk ZB 12.5 - 12.7
  2. Mai FM 8.7 - 9.2
  3. Coast 9.3 - 7.9
  4. Breeze 7.0 - 7.5
  5. Edge 6.2 - 5.3


  1. More FM 13.9 - 15.8
  2. Breeze 12.2 - 13.4
  3. Rock 9.2 - 10.6
  4. Mai FM 8.5 - 8.9
  5. Newstalk ZB 9.8 - 8.9 *smallest share on record


  1. Newstalk ZB 14.0 - 14.8
  2. Breeze 13.4 - 12.6
  3. ZM 10.5 - 8.3
  4. Edge 6.1 - 6.7
  5. Rock 6.5 - 6.4


Christmas themed news bed build on RadioLIVE


Ali Mau leaving RadioLIVE in 2018.


Intriguing to see what format it is they go with? Down the Lifestyle route like Talking Lifestyle in Australia?


Seems lifestyle is the likely option especially since Wendyl Nielsons introduction.

I can imagine it now, Radio Live Drive with Annabelle White!


Perhaps JayJay Feeney fits into this too, somehow?


There was an article that said she would be competing against her former husband which would indicate she is staying on the breakfast shift. But anythings possible.


My money is on Lisa Owen. She is a great fit for RadioLIVE.


I read that too… I’m thinking it will be Jay-Jay & Mike Puru on The Breeze Breakfast.
The current hosts Jeanette Thomas & Robert Rakete would be a good fit for a reinvented Radio Live - Jeanette hosted TVNZ’s lifestyle show Good Morning (Robert too occasionally).

As for Ali Mau it wouldn’t surprise me if TVNZ gives her the Fair Go gig again if Pippa Wetzell moves to Seven Sharp or Breakfast.


I reckon Ali would be great back on Breakfast.


Definitely, loved Ali on breakfast. I always thought Ali & Paul was the better pairing to be honest so I liked it when Pippa was either away or on maternity leave.


I always preferred Ali & Paul on Breakfast too.

Another thought - maybe JJ will go to Radio Live as the announcement on where she is headed is not until Feb 15. Most of the shows return from the summer break on 15 Jan, 22nd at the latest.
With the exception of RL, where it seems the whole station is getting a shake up, would they really make major changes to a show at the start of the year, a month in ?
Stuff article above says Ali Mau leaves Live in Feb – around the time of a relaunch perhaps ?


Newshub has said Ali Mau will continue as a regular panelist on The Project. Perhaps Ali is moving to Stuff Circuit?


From what I can see on the work roster

Starting 15th January
Midnight to 5am Tony Amos / Joe Reid
5am to 6am First at 5 James Coleman
6am to 9am The AM Show
9am to Midday Mark Sainsbury
Midday to 3pm Wendyl Nissen
3pm to 6pm TBC *
6pm to 7pm Newshub Simulcast
7pm to 8pm InFocus with Brin Rudkin
8pm to midnight Mitch Harris
7pm to 8pm Fishing Show
8pm to midnight Host TBC

Starting 20th January
Midnight to 5am Tony Amos / Joe Reid
5am to 7am Rural Exchange
7am to 10am Home & Garden with Tony Murrell
10am to 2pm Saturday Fresh with Carly Flynn / Your Sunday with Ryan Bridge
2pm to 6pm Saturday Sport with Brendan Telfer / Sunday Sport with Andrew Gourdie and Jim Kayes
6pm to 7pm Newshub Simulcast
7pm to 8pm Work Life with Max Whitehead** / Sunday Social with Vaughn Davis
8pm to midnight Weekend Variety Wireless with Ryan Bradley***

*Ali Mau returns 29th January
**Until Newshub Nation returns
*** Graeme Hill returns following week


Bree Tomasel from Bree & Gawndy Sea FM CC and Nova Bris originally begins on NZ radio soon. Wonderful news for her, she’s a great radio talent.


Believe she’s heading to ZM Drive


Yes, she’ll be a ripper for that. Worth a listen for Aus east coast lunchtime.

The past three years have seen a lot more swapping between between both sides of the ditch. For quite some time, there wasn’t any movement between with only a few exceptions.



Mediaworks must have finally offered Birchie enough…

Port FM sold to Mediaworks.

Article Be here