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A good move to be honest, I have an occasional listen to Port FM and its a fairly stale sounding station. I’m thinking announcer wise its only the drive show and some of the weekend pre-2pm slots that will be lost. Nights are automated and weekend afternoons feature American syndicated content.

I wonder if Mediaworks will use some of the West Coast frequencies to launch More FM on the coast to compete with The Hits as well?


Depends I guess on how well the Sound/Solid Gold is doing, but wouldn’t hurt. I’m sure NZME might try taking advantage of the rebrand/format of Port in Timaru, which has dominated since the 90’s. Interesting times.


Ali Mau’s last day at the helm of RadioLIVE drive.

She started with RadioLIVE back in 2014 on Afternoon Talk with Willie and then moved into Drive for 2017

Steven McIvor (Sky Sports commentator) will fill in for Ali Mau until a further replacement is named.


Brian’s gone balls-out for Nelson…

Spectrum Auction Results Feb 1


I’m surprised there’s any available spectrum for auction, thought this would’ve been done long ago. Are licences surrendered? IF so, by who?

What is the population sizes of the areas auctioned?

Who owns Brian FM?

Sorry for all the questions, very curious.


Andrew Jeffries is the spokesman & co-creater of Brian FM

Pretty much all useful FM spectrum was auctioned long ago. There was one five-ish years ago which had caveats on use within two years (If I remember rightly), so some may have been reauctioned due to failure to comply.

Population depends purely on reach - the frequencies have a maximum output, so it’s anyone within that area in theory. Details on each frequency can be looked up on the RSM website (use the Register link at the top of the page, it will let you search for any frequency in NZ).


Thanks for the link to the register, been looking for similar to the ACMA Radcom database. It’s not that easy to use, it might get better for me with more use.


Over the past month, The Sound has been playing the A to Z of their music playlist on weekdays from 9am to 7pm (local time), which commenced on Wednesday 7th February (when I happened to be in NZ at the time) & has concluded yesterday.

You can see the full list here:


That list gets a :thumbsup: from me. :slight_smile:


When does Bree Tomasel begin?


NZME haven’t made any announcements regarding ZM drive just yet.


Thanks Reece


Following in the footsteps of The Sound doing the A-Z last month, sister station Magic is doing their A-Z of their playlist over the Easter long weekend, which started yesterday morning & will conclude on Easter Monday.

Source: Magic (NZ) website

It’s also worth noting that Magic promote themselves as being “Your #1 Choice for the 50s, 60s & 70s”, and incredibly, unlike in Australia, it’s broadcast on FM across the country, except in Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch, where they broadcast on AM.


NZ Radio Awards nominations announced today -

Congratulations to the Media Spyer who has been nominated :slight_smile:


More FM takes over Port FM’s frequencies form April 28th (except Ashburton’s 106.1 which becomes The Breeze and The Sound in South Canty on 97.1 becomes More FM.)

More will be networked from CHCH, etc. OJ (of Port FM) shifts his breakfast show to The Breeze, which is then networked from 10am.

More info here.


Bree Tomasel begun on NZ radio yet?


Not yet.


No, but she has been doing some online stuff and there have been some brief mentions of Bree ‘the new office girl’ on air but no hints of her expected on air role just yet.

Her rumored Co Host Clint Roberts has recently departed Mediaworks owned George FM and is currently on his honeymoon. I guess its more wait and see until his gardening leave period (if he has one) is up.

On a side-note I’ve stopped listening to ZM on my commute home, Jase and PJ scraps are just lazy. I didn’t realise until recently how good Lana Searle and Jason Gunn were as a duo, who have sadly ended.


ZM have made some changes to the day show starting this week. The day announcer Bel Crawford was back announcing using local frequency and city. So in the case of where I live she was saying 91.3 ZM or Christchurch’s 91.3 ZM. Im assuming Auckland and Wellington may be getting the same treatment with everywhere else getting a network show. Can anyone confirm if this is the case?


GFK Ratings, Survey 1 2018 (10 Sep-18 Nov + 28 Jan-7 Apr)


  1. Newstalk ZB 12.7 – 11.0
  2. Mai FM 9.2 – 10.2 (best showing since 2004)
  3. Coast 7.9 – 8.7
  4. Breeze 7.5 – 8.1
  5. More FM 5.3 – 6.2


  1. More FM 15.8 – 14.5
  2. Breeze 13.4 – 11.4
  3. Sound 7.2 – 10.9 (best showing since 1998)
  4. Newstalk ZB 8.9 – 10.4
  5. Rock 10.6 – 10.2


  1. Newstalk ZB 14.8 – 13.3
  2. Breeze 12.6 – 11.1
  3. ZM 8.3 – 8.6
  4. Edge 6.7 – 7.3
  5. More FM 5.9 – 6.3